Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Episode 283: Complicated Media Streaming, Transparency, and Brad's Epiphany

We start with some plugs for social media (and to rate the podcast on iTunes), and then go into a talk about a driplet of news concerning CW's media streaming policy. This becomes a downpour of news as we brainstorm ideas on how to fix streaming media in general. A lot of water terms in there. Chuck shares a GMail trick with me, then reviews a local Mexican restaurant. We talk about our recent stand-up show and what we learned. Chuck talks about Senior Discount's performance at the Pop Rocks Music Festival and laments his DVD-trade-in options in the area.
Chuck then brings up the idea of transparency; are we open enough on the podcast? How can we be more transparent in our personal and podcastal lives? That segues beautifully into me sharing something I felt/experienced over the summer and how I got there. Totally transparent!
- Brad

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