Thursday, June 8, 2017

Episode 316: "Q The Laughs," Alien: Covenant, and Wonder Woman

Back to a (relatively) normal podcast this week! Chuck tells me about the project he's been working on with Q, Walt, and Bryan of "Tell 'Em Steve-Dave" and hints at another as-yet-unreleased project. Chuck and I talk - spoiler-free - about Alien: Covenant and I am shamed for my lack of love for the horror genre. We talk about a new sushi restaurant in Barrington, then about our experience watching the movie "Split." We talk about the 90's Pub Crawl/PVDFest, then we are joined by Gina so we can finish with a spoiler-free review of Wonder Woman. Bonus: we follow up with spoiler-FULL reviews of Wonder Woman and Alien: Covenant.
- Brad

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