Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Episode 341: RI Red Food Tours and Gibby the Thanksgiving Goblin

We are joined this week by Gina Mastrostefano! Woo! Gina and Chuck recently went on a food tour of Downtown Providence, courtesy of Rhode Island Red Food Tours. Chuck and Gina tell me about the seven different places they got food and their impressions of the tour, the restaurants, and the meals. Sounds like a pretty good time or gift idea! After that, I bring up a message from a friend about how my sense of humor affects potential dates and we discuss that for a while. Finally, Chuck provides the backstory the world has been clamoring for - a brand new picture-perfect mascot for Thanksgiving; who or what is Gibby the Thanksgiving Goblin?
- Brad

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Episode 340: Tattoos, The Galactic Theatre, and John Mulaney Live

Somehow, we keep this one relatively short. After creating a mascot for Thanksgiving (you're welcome), Chuck and I discuss what tattoos we would force the other person to get. This discussion is all over the place. After that, Chuck tells me about the Galactic Theatre, a new venue in downtown Warren, and the experiences he had there. We review the Dark Tower movie, then quickly move on to our review of John Mulaney's recent performance at the Boston Symphony Hall. After that, Chuck and I break down our friendship and creative partnership in an open, vulnerable, and hopefully still entertaining way.
- Brad

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Episode 339: Jackass: The Game, A Chuck-Posal for Brad, and Thor: Ragnarok

We're back, baby! Our first Non-Halloween episode in a while! We also have a Lego (compatible) Giveaway! Oh papa! We read some listener emails and discuss "Jackass: The Game." We talk about the below Web Couliers and I admit to being frightened of a pretty bad old horror movie. Chuck reads a press release for an alternative to Rhode Island Comic-Con and we talk about the weird world of receiving press releases and how we treat them. We talk about the possibility of Marvel acquiring some film rights from 20th Century Fox and what that would mean for the MCU. Chuck gives an in-hand review of MoviePass (mine has been ordered) and we talk about the future for the service.
Chuck gets real for a moment and talks about a big switch he's making in terms of careers and creativity and I lament my diametrically-opposite work situation. We talk about being accepted to submit jokes through the Pitch app (and make a legally binding agreement to submit more often). Chuck offers some "Chuck-posals" for next year's Halloween podcasts. Chuck then tells me about his recent trip to New Hampshire with Gina's family. I tell the story of my not-great improv workshop experience, then about seeing Taylor Leonhardt at a house show over the weekend. We then give our SPOILER-FREE review of Thor: Ragnarok. Once we've completed that, we offer our spoiler-full review as well. But if you haven't seen the movie, we make it very clear where the change occurs, so feel free to listen!
- Brad
VIDEO: The Marketing Strategy Behind VHS Covers' Grotesque Art
PICTURE: Michayla Currie's suggestion for a Rejected Halloween Costume

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Episode 338: Cult of Chucky, Death Note, and Chuck and Brad Fix Jigsaw

It's a Halloween Epilogue of sorts this episode! We talk about Tell 'Em Steve-Dave's brand new Halloween VIDEO podcast and get excited! We've spent the past few days watching scary movies and want to break them down while the calendar is still mostly Halloween-adjacent. We start out by talking about the scary-but-not spooky 2015 movie "The Green Room." What would we have changed about it? Was it an accurate portrayal of a band on tour? From there, Chuck schools me on "Cult of Chucky" and I ask the important questions. Chuck then tells me about the movie "Death Note" and tells me I would enjoy it. Please note that neither of us have seen the anime it's based on, so we are not judging it against that! Cool your jets! We close with a spoiler-free review of Jigsaw, then take a deep spoiler-full dive into it to try and figure out we would change and how that would improve the movie. It's fun to fix things!

- Brad

Monday, October 30, 2017

Episode 337: Halloween 2017

If the ghouls and goblins are out tonight, then it must be time for another Chuck and Brad Halloween Podcast....right?! We are joined by Brian Decoteaux and Nic Hallenbeck for our annual Halloween podcast. We talk about the Halloween/autumnal things we've done over the past month, concluding in a brief recap of the first ever Chuck and Brad's Halloween Spook-tacular Live Comedy Show! I read my prediction for what Chuck's prank on me was and everything!
We revisit our favorite yearly repeated bit - Rejected Halloween Costumes! We talk about new Halloween favorites: The Cinematic Oblivion Podcast's "Slasher Series," the Brooklyn 99 Halloween Heist episodes, The "With Derek and Ray" Halloween podcasts, and the recent Cracked Movie Club podcasts about 'Halloween' and 'The Thing.' Finally, Chuck provides the solution to a problem that's been troubling our Halloween podcasts for years - the nonsensical special "Halloween is Grinch Night." Chuck solves the logistical problems and links ALL the Grinch movies with one common thread. Take a listen!

- Brad
PLAYLIST: Chuck's Famous Halloween Playlist!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Episode 336: Dissecting All The "Leprechaun" Movies

Awwwwwww yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh! It's time to recap another horror series! This time, Chuck and I recap the entire "Leprechaun" series for guests Lou Perella and Brian Lau. We review plots (such as they were), acting choices, behind-the-scenes trivia, and offer our opinions on all six original Leprechaun films AND the reboot! Where else can you find such joy? Here's a hint: Not in the Leprechaun movies.
This episode also features our first Lego-related giveaway!

- Brad

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Episode 335: The Story of Derek Furtado

We're joined this week by stand-up comedian Derek Furtado! We talk for a long while about pranking and how we all feel about it. We plug the upcoming show at the Comedy Connection, and then *finally* get down to business. We talk with Derek about his start in stand-up, his philosophies about comedy, and some crazy stories he's experienced along the way. It's a really fun conversation!

- Brad