Thursday, January 18, 2018

#347 - The Story of Nic Hallenbeck and Nobody's Boyscout

We're joined this week by Nic Hallenbeck and Sean Murphy, two pieces of local band Nobody's Boyscout! They have an album coming out and wanted to talk about it! But first, we dove into Nic's entire backstory (having already gotten Sean's backstory in episode 273). How did Nic rebel in highschool? Did he have a bowl cut, rat tail, or both? So many questions! We eventually work our way to the start of this band and how they came to making this new album, titled In Tongues and available starting this Saturday.
- Brad

Monday, January 15, 2018

#346: Chammies and Brammies 2017 - Part Two

It's that time of year! It's (part two of) our annual "Brammies and Chammies" awards! This is somehow the NINTH time we've done a best-of episode like this! Wow! This episode features discussion about our favorite music in 2017, my favorite books of the year, Chuck's favorite podcasts, and then a bunch of highlights from our personal lives! Thanks for listening! Hit us up at if you have opinions that are similar or different!
- Brad

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Episode 345: Brammies and Chammies 2017 - Part One

It's that time of year! It's (part one of) our annual "Brammies and Chammies" awards! This is somehow the NINTH time we've done a best-of episode like this! Wow! Join us as we celebrate our favorite things in the world of television, including a long discussion about how viewing habits have changed! We talk about our favorite games we played in 2017, including a possible new favorite game of all time for me! From there, Chuck tells me about all the great restaurants he loves (that are probably too fancy for me) (which doesn't take much). We close out this episode talking about our favorite movies we saw in 2017.
- Brad

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Episode 344: Chuck's Nintendo Scam and A Look Back At 2017

We kick off this week with a discussion about some awesome enamel pins Chuck received from the good people at Wicked Critter Co. Ill admit it -they're pretty great, even if Chuck's the only one getting hooked up*. From there, Chuck tells me about his scam to make enough money to get a Nintendo Switch (plus games), an NES Classic (above retail), and an SNES Classic (plus a wireless controller) for a total of $0 spent. And he did it!! Wow! NOTE: If I don't seem impressed when Chuck's telling me about it, it's because I'm not surprised he's able to pull these things off.
After that, we talk about our feelings concerning Chuck and Brad's Best Christmas Show Ever, which was December 21. After that, we look back, week by week, at ALL of 2017 and talk about the things we did artistically and personally and how they shaped us as performers and individuals.
- Brad

- Chuck

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Episode 343: Tony Pacitti's Journey and Star Wars: The Last Jedi

We are joined this week by Providence Monthly Managing Editor Tony Pacitti! We discuss our Christmas celebrations and Chuck talks about Senior Discount's Christmas Medley being featured on the Tell 'Em Steve-Dave 2017 Christmas Podcast! Whoa mama! After that, we talk about how Tony got to where he is and how Star Wars helped along the way. Once we're up to speed with him, we take a quick spoiler-free look at The Last Jedi, then, after a respectful pause for people who haven't seen it yet, we go through with a spoiler-full recap of the movie and our feelings about it.
- Brad

Friday, December 22, 2017

Episode 342: Chuck and Brad's Yuletide Takeover on WBRU

For the first three weeks of December 2017, instead of our traditional weekly podcasts, we did a show on WBRU called Chuck and Brad's Yuletide Takeover! So, our Christmas podcast episode this year (which is this) is a compilation of those three episodes. We heartily discuss: Sia's AMAZING 2017 Christmas album "Everyday is Christmas," Brad's Salvation Army Christmas Fight, Chuck's Christmas Whorehouse Prank, the story behind C+B's "Holly Jolly Christmas (Gutterpup Version)," my Brad-vent calendar, the re-recording for a part of Senior Discount's Christmas medley in 2017, the story of the Ninja Turtles' live action "We Wish You a Turtles Christmas," and finally, how stressed and worked-to-the-bone we feel about our creative Christmas endeavors this year - and how we agree that it's the right way to feel on Christmas! Merry Christmas!!
- Chuck

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Episode 341: RI Red Food Tours and Gibby the Thanksgiving Goblin

We are joined this week by Gina Mastrostefano! Woo! Gina and Chuck recently went on a food tour of Downtown Providence, courtesy of Rhode Island Red Food Tours. Chuck and Gina tell me about the seven different places they got food and their impressions of the tour, the restaurants, and the meals. Sounds like a pretty good time or gift idea! After that, I bring up a message from a friend about how my sense of humor affects potential dates and we discuss that for a while. Finally, Chuck provides the backstory the world has been clamoring for - a brand new picture-perfect mascot for Thanksgiving; who or what is Gibby the Thanksgiving Goblin?
- Brad