Thursday, September 20, 2018

#379 - Providence Improv Fest 2018, S*D and Big D in CT, and Eminem's "Kamikaze"

Another comically-long intro this week, as Chuck and I talk about the struggles moving forward in creative careers. For the first time in a while, it's *me* trying to get *Chuck* to look at the bright side! We then go into a recap of the most recent Providence Improv Fest and the great groups I got to see. Chuck tells me about his experiences playing a show with Big D and the Kids Table in Connecticut. Finally, Chuck explains the new Eminem album, Machine Gun Kelly's Diss Track, Eminem's Diss response, Joe Budden's response, and Eminem's lengthy interview! My head is STILL spinning!
- Brad

Thursday, September 13, 2018

#378 - Chuck Films With TESD, Brad's Bidet Misadventure, and American Animals

Chuck and I start out talking about various dumb ailments and my complaints about FedEx and an imagined argument with them, then segue into getting scammed/almost getting scammed. We talk about a local restaurant and our gripe with them, then Chuck talks about an important musical influence reaching out to him to compliment the new album. Chuck then talks about his whirlwind filming expedition with the guys from Tell 'Em Steve-Dave in New Jersey. I follow up with an embarrassing story about installing a bidet kit in my home. We then talk about the relatively-new movie American Animals and how we felt about this genre-bending project.
- Brad

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

#377 - The Cranking and Skanking Festival, WBRU Summer Concert Series, and "Searching"

Back in the studio this week. We plug some upcoming shows, then get into movie driplets - the Venom movie MIGHT have Tom Holland show up, Dave Bautista isn't happy with Disney, then a few other things I forgot to write down. After that, we talk about Chuck's band playing the Cranking and Skanking Festival in Worcester with Big D and the Kids Table, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, the Bouncing Souls, and so many others! From there, Chuck tells me about his band (finally) playing one of the nights on WBRU's Summer Concert Series. We close by talking about the new movie "Searching" and how much we both enjoyed it. Spoiler alert: a lot.
- Brad

Thursday, August 30, 2018

#376 - The Story Of Big D And The Kids Table

Whoa mama! This week finds us talking with David McWane, lead singer of long-running ska/punk band Big D and the Kids Table! We talk with him about his start in music, the career arc of the band, and what creativity can look like. We touch on his books of poetry, as well as his work with modern-day doo-wop group The Doped Up Dollies and thrash band Cuidado. Personal note: this was such a good talk and we're delighted David was willing to spend so much time with us.
- Brad

Friday, August 24, 2018

#375 - Chuck's Podcast Appearances and The Offspring/311 Live!

After a scintillating start to the show - talking about deals on digital streaming and pasta - we get into it. The past few weeks have been hectic for Chuck and we talk about some of the podcast appearances he's made. I call him out for some things left unsaid on his recent episode of The Mike Herrera Podcast! Wow! We talk about the Pat Oates Is Sad Podcast and how Chuck felt doing that (and why he didn't bring me any donuts). We recap our weeks and talk about Chuck joking around with his girlfriend's family and I am tickled by it. Our Summerslam experience is briefly touched on, then Chuck's day hanging out with his parents. We close with a pretty thorough discussion of the recent 311/The Offspring show in Hartford! Fun week!
- Brad

Sunday, August 19, 2018

#374 - Ballyhoo Cruise, Brad's Dumb Spending, and The Meg

We recap our previous week, and DURING the show, Senior Discount gets added to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones' Cranking and Skanking Fest in Worcester, along with the Bouncing Souls, Big D and the Kids Table, and more! Wow! Chuck talks about all the publicity he's doing for Senior Discount's album "The Best Revenge" and all his brainstorming for Tell 'Em Steve-Dave video projects. We talk about our experience watching the 2015 film "Tomorrowland." Chuck tells me about a trip he took with Gina to see Ballyhoo on a harbor cruise. I talk about some curious choices I've made recently in regards to spending and we try and figure out where those impulses come from. Finally, Chuck gives a spoiler-free review of the new giant shark movie "The Meg" and we give dueling Jason Statham impressions.
- Brad

Friday, August 10, 2018

#373 - Chuck Goes To Vulgarthon! (Fixed!)

Chuck is the focus this week! He went to work at Vulgarthon - a Kevin Smith-curated film festival in Red Bank! Chuck was doing some filming for the TESD guys and experiencing the finest things Red Bank had to offer! He recaps the day and talks about finally getting the chance to meet - as a peer - Kevin Smith! Wow! Way to go, Chuck!
In addition, we had a joint birthday party with our pal Lou last weekend - and we took the podcast equipment with us! You can catch a brief snippet of the festivities in this episode, along with a plug for the full audio online!
- Brad
Note: The original version of this episode was uploaded with a fifteen second clip of me clearing my throat, because I'm an idiot. This has been fixed in this new upload! - Chuck
Super-Fan Birthday Audio