Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Episode 335: The Story of Derek Furtado

We're joined this week by stand-up comedian Derek Furtado! We talk for a long while about pranking and how we all feel about it. We plug the upcoming show at the Comedy Connection, and then *finally* get down to business. We talk with Derek about his start in stand-up, his philosophies about comedy, and some crazy stories he's experienced along the way. It's a really fun conversation!

- Brad

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Episode 334: Chuck and Gina's Pickle Fight, The Shining, and Sleepaway Camp

AWWWWWW YEEEEEEAH! It's Halloween you anuses!!!! This is our Halloween round-up episode! We've done many Halloween episodes over the years, and we realized we had a couple floating Halloween topics there were randomly in some NON-"Official Chuck and Brad Podcast Halloween Episodes." So we took those clips, and we are creating a brand new OFFICIAL Chuck and Brad Halloween episode featuring all of our dangling topics!
Join us as we sort-of-but-not-really-at-all TIME TRAVEL into our previous Halloweens, and talk about: The Shining, Room 237, Chuck and Brad going to WWE:Hell in a Cell as '98 Mankind and Undertaker, Chuck and Gina's Salem Pickle Fight, Sleepaway Camp, and tackle the Importance of Being Festive!!
Hope you enjoyed this trip down All Hollow's Eve Memory Lane - can't wait for new Halloween episodes this year! Woo!!
- Chuck

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Episode 333: Nathan For You Returns, Social Issues, and Improv Fest Recap

We start this week by griping about our days, before Chuck plugs his Tell 'Em Steve-Dave project one last time. After that, it's listener emails, with discussions about Milkshake Duck and a cool fan-made trailer (linked below). We then discuss the upcoming Kumail Nanjiani/John Cena movie before talking about the "Pitch" app. That leads into a discussion about how much I care about online support (greatly) and whether or not I should (nope). We then talk about the social issues dominating the news cycle over the past week. Anthems, flags, police brutality, disagreements, etc. After that, I give a recap of the recent Providence Improv Fest, then Chuck and I talk about the preparations for an upcoming event.
- Brad

VIDEO: Batman vs Pennywise Trailer

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Episode 332: New Futurama, The Future Of Technology, and "UHF" Live

We're joined this week by local self-proclaimed beauty queen Gina Mastrostefano. We review some listener emails discussing the power of language, a Die Hard Christmas book, the Ducktales theme song in emojis, and a sketch from James Corden. We then duck into movie driplets about an upcoming Jim Carrey/Andy Kaufman documentary and the new Futurama episode (recorded through Nerdist). Chuck tells us about new innovations in wireless charging; this leads to a long discussion about the future of technology and what it will look like and how quickly we'll get there. An unplanned tangent that leads to some really interesting places! Even more interesting than the year 3000? The new Batman/TMNT comic book crossover! We talk about the band "Decapitated" and the charges against them, then talk about Chuck's Nintendo Switch and we all marvel at his Mario Kart prowess. We recount a recent trip to see a screening of "UHF" and Q&A with Weird Al Yankovic, then talk about our time this weekend riding electric bikes around Bristol!
- Brad

VIDEO: Ducktales theme song in emoji
MUSIC: New song from Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and Jon Feldman

Friday, September 15, 2017

Episode 331: We Might Get in Trouble for This One (and a Spoiler-Free Review of "It")

We're joined once again this week by our pal Lou Perella. We start out by giving our spoiler-free thoughts on the new "It" movie. Chuck then follows it up with a surprise for me and Lou. Chuck met a man at his recent yard sale, and the man was so interesting, Chuck felt compelled to record the conversation without the man's conset, and share it with us (and the podcast audience). Once we get through that (quite frankly) bizarre encounter, we then offer a spoiler-full review of "It" to close out the episode.
- Brad

Monday, September 11, 2017

Episode 330: Brad Goes Postal

First up we have a newly-recorded intro for this week's episode. We plug some upcoming shows and Chuck plugs his Tell 'Em Steve-Dave project. The rest of the episode - so I was pretty tired when we recorded this, and more than a little stressed with work stuff, and it was late, and other excuses. We start out (actually continuing episode 329) and talk about Reddit and somehow that leads to me snapping at Chuck and being way more petulant than usual. I'm not proud of it, but we didn't edit it out. Once my calmer head prevails (and we talk through our issues like adults), we finish up the Reddit discussion. We then talk about the past of our guest Peter Maldonado and joke about his rage issues from college and beyond. From there, Chuck and Lou discuss what it's like working alongside their fathers and how that is shaping their work experiences.
- Brad

VIDEO: Chuck's "Tell 'Em Steve-Dave" Call To Action

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Episode 329: Saying Goodbye to WBRU, The Belko Experiment and Rick and Morty

We are joined this week by longtime guest Lou Perella and firsttime guest Peter Maldonado. Chuck and I work in some show plugs, then Chuck talks about his experience at the East Greenwich, RI restaurant Chelo's on the Water. After Chuck and I talk about resetting after the Impractical Jokers situation didn't break like we hoped it would, we talk with about going to see Green Day live with Lou. Chuck and I joke about Ray Harrington's upcoming album, about grabbing sushi from a new-to-us place, then about the movie The Belko Experiment. We discuss Senior Discount being asked to open for Crazy Town (and how that panned out for both bands). Lou and Chuck talk about longtime independent alternative station WBRU shutting down and what that means to them. Finally Chuck reveals he's recently watched the entire existing library of episodes of the television show "Rick and Morty" and discusses his enjoyment of the program while dissecting what makes him enjoy it so thoroughly.
- Brad