Wednesday, February 21, 2018

#352 - The Crushing Weight of Responsibilities and Black Panther

After some quick plugs, Chuck tells us all about some ridiculous "adult" responsibility things he's had to deal with recently. After he finishes relating his tale(s) of woe, we wonder aloud if adult life is just going to be like this forever. We try to find the good in the situations and laugh at how poorly I would have fared in similar situations. Chuck tells me about his amazing Valentine's dinner, I relate the story of my very good Pal-entine's Dinner. We talk about the great time (and sandwiches) we had at The Malted Barley's beer release party. After that, we dive into our spoiler-free review of the new movie Black Panther. Once we finish our impressions there, we let everyone know we're going to dive into spoilers and then do so.
- Brad

VIDEO: How It Should Have Ended: The Last Jedi

Thursday, February 15, 2018

#351 - Streaming Music, The Venom Trailer, and Chuck vs. Best Buy

Once we promote our social media accounts and our upcoming shows, we get started with some listener emails! The concept of streaming music versus the concept of owning music, live streaming and the future of the internet, voice actors versus Hollywood actors for voice acting jobs, digital comics versus print comics, and stickers on fruit. We discuss them all with the expected amount of aplomb. From there, we talk about the Venom teaser trailer and our feelings on the movie, and Chuck gives me some exciting news about one of our favorite bands. We talk about cringeworthy things we've (I've) done in the name of love. We close with a story of Best Buy's terrible customer service toward Chuck and end on a cliffhanger - will Best Buy do the right thing, or will they expose themselves as a soulless corporation, incapable of empathy and therefore undeserving of fair treatment?
- Brad

Thursday, February 8, 2018

#350 - Brad's Dad's Comic Strips, The Cloverfield Paradox, and Chuck Defeats A Troll

Once we promote our social media accounts and our upcoming shows, I tell Chuck about the comic strips my dad mailed to me. Like, in the mail. The postal service. Not electronic. Snail mail. We talk about the sweet enamel pins we received from our friends at eerie Face, then Chuck tells me about his fancy dinner at the Dorrance in Providence. We talk about a listener's email, then our experience with the Super Bowl. After the Super Bowl, we watched The Cloverfield Paradox and talk about our feelings on the movie itself and also its place in cinema/streaming history. We discuss Chuck's computer drama at length and how it was saved by Backblaze, who is also a new sponsor of the podcast. We close out the episode by Chuck relating a tale of confronting an internet troll and having the situation work out in kind of the best way possible.
- Brad

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

#349: Chuck's Ebay Fight, Deep Blue Sea 2, and Ant-Man & The Wasp

It's just Chuck and Brad this week! We promote ourselves, Chuck tells me about a sweet new enamel pin he received from Reicheru Art, then he tells me about an eBay fight he had about a month ago that he specifically saved for the podcast. It's one of the best "Chuck's Petty Printouts" ever! After that, we get into the news about new tours for The Lawrence Arms and Frank Turner (separately). Chuck tells me about Deep Blue Sea 2 and I try to figure out other water-based horror movies. We talk about the trailer for Ant-Man & The Wasp and talk about our level of excitement for that versus other Marvel movies. We follow up on our stories about Nobody's Boyscout and then close up shop with our recent Royal Rumble party. A fun, back-to-earth podcast for the two of us.
- Brad

Friday, January 26, 2018

#348 - The Story of The Malted Barley

Recorded on location at The Malted Barley in Providence, RI. We are joined this week by Malted Barley owner Ron Koller and a rotating cast of staff members at The Malted Barley - Brian, Cory, Rich, and Kolby. We learn about their roles and stories, and how they fit into the larger story of Ron traveling the country to open a craft beer specialty restaurant. How did he decide on Providence, on the location, on the menu? Listen and find out, baby! AND THEY DROP THEIR NEXT STEPS ON US AS WELL WHAT WHAT!!!!
- Brad

Thursday, January 18, 2018

#347 - The Story of Nic Hallenbeck and Nobody's Boyscout

We're joined this week by Nic Hallenbeck and Sean Murphy, two pieces of local band Nobody's Boyscout! They have an album coming out and wanted to talk about it! But first, we dove into Nic's entire backstory (having already gotten Sean's backstory in episode 273). How did Nic rebel in highschool? Did he have a bowl cut, rat tail, or both? So many questions! We eventually work our way to the start of this band and how they came to making this new album, titled In Tongues and available starting this Saturday.
- Brad

Monday, January 15, 2018

#346: Chammies and Brammies 2017 - Part Two

It's that time of year! It's (part two of) our annual "Brammies and Chammies" awards! This is somehow the NINTH time we've done a best-of episode like this! Wow! This episode features discussion about our favorite music in 2017, my favorite books of the year, Chuck's favorite podcasts, and then a bunch of highlights from our personal lives! Thanks for listening! Hit us up at if you have opinions that are similar or different!
- Brad