Friday, July 26, 2013

Episode 123: Ender's Game and Rolling Stone

The 123rd edition of Agreeing to Disagree begins with Senior Discount updates. Chuck elucidates the audience on upcoming shows in Boston and Providence, as well as a Chuck Staton acoustic performance in the near future! Equally as exciting is an announcement about a future podcast-related event!
The boys dive into the Web Couliers, possibly assigning frequent podcast listener "Classless Chad Kafka" a new career. After that, Chuck brings his "industry insider" viewpoint with some movie news relating to the announcement of Man of Steel 2, a viral website for the next "Planet of the Apes" movie, and the next movie by the Jackass guys, Bad Grandpa.
Chuck and Brad announce their campaign to "End Burrito Skimpage."
More news is bandied about, as the dynamic duo tackle the recently-announced Family Guy/Simpsons crossover and what it means for both shows. They talk about Chuck Palahniuk's sequel to Fight Club, which will be produced as a graphic novel. C&B titter about James Franco being named Comedy Central's newest roastee.
The two major topics of the week are explored next. First, the controversy surrounding the upcoming Ender's Game movie and the furor surrounding the author of the original story's views on gay marriage. Can the artist be separated from the art? Will the one-fortieth of a cent that gets to the author from one ticket sale make a difference? Following that, the boyz discuss the Boston Bomber being on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and what (if anything) that means. Also, Chuck passionately defends film star Mike Myers.

VIDEO: Iron Man 3 - How It Should Have Ended
MUSIC: Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! - True Trans Acoustic EP - Free Download

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