Friday, August 30, 2013

Episode 127: Band Documentaries, Modern Relationships, and a Review of the Live Podcast

The episode starts with Brad bumming us all out by talking about how he's been incredibly depressed lately. Cheer up, Brad. Eat a KitKat or something. Senior Discount updates follow, with the teaser of bigger announcements to follow soon. The below Web Coulier is talked about, and listener mail is answered.
Chuck brings some Movie Driplets to the table - 12 Monkeys as a TV show, a new movie from the director of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Amy Schumer getting a movie deal. The boys talk about the upcoming Green Day documentary Broadway Idiot, and then have a long discussion about the upcoming documentary about the band Leftover Crack.
Switching both genres and media, C&B chat about the news that Aziz Ansari will be writing a relationship book, and share some of their modern relationship woes. In addition, Chuck shares the sad story of the mobile game that was downloaded 50,000 times...and paid for a mere 144 times.
Chuck then offers a new segment, tastefully and creatively titled "Shut the Fuck Up," in which he discusses gripes people have and tells those people what he thinks of their opinions. (It involves them shutting the fuck up.)
This episode closes with a review of the live podcast (episode 126, coming soon to video), and a discussion about the work that went into it, the pride felt by our handsome hosts, and whether or not we're planning another one.
VIDEO: Avengers Animatics

Episode 126: The First Live Episode - The Vomitty Vixen, the Birth of Noni Macksoud, and Christmas Postcard Pranks on Brad

Episode 126 was recorded live on August 23rd, 2013 in Providence, RI at the AS220. It's available on DVD at

Here's the trailer for the DVD:

Here's a clip from performance called "Brad's Christmas Cards Prank":

Friday, August 16, 2013

Episode 125: Negativity and Art

Chuck and Brad are joined in Episode 125 by local scalawag Brian Decoteaux from the Candace Brooks Band. The three gleefully chat about the first Web Coulier listed below, before Brad relates the tragic tale of a game purchase gone bad. They talk about other media experiences they've had that haven't gone so well, which leads neatly into the next segment: Chuck's Petty Printouts.
Chuck discusses a minor disagreement he had with a young fan (?) online. B, C, and B talk about the overreaction and about being a heel on stage. Chuck and Brad then discuss the upcoming live podcast and discuss some plans for it, as well as their promotional strategy. A very brief discussion of Character Brad closes the show.
VIDEO: 'Jesse and the Rippers' on Jimmy Fallon
VIDEO: Senior Discount at the House of Blues

Friday, August 9, 2013

Episode 124: Chuck and Brad Go Speed Dating

This "very special episode" of the Chuck and Brad podcast features celebrity power couple Lou and Laura Perella. The lovebirds with matching mustaches are present to hear Chuck and Brad recap their adventures at a recent "speed dating" event. Were the boys successful in their quest for new ladies in their lives? How did Brad and Chuck's views on the ladies match up? And how many high-fives is "too many" in a six-minute conversation? All this and more on episode 124!

There are no web couliers this week.