Thursday, October 3, 2013

Episode 132: Fall TV, S*D Announcement, and Belonging

Episode one hundred and thirty-two (really!) starts out slowly. Like, oddly so. Some strange banter about autumn and the guys' favorite things. From there, the "Kafka's Tacos" joke continues to be beat into the ground - you're welcome, Chad. That slides smoothly into some hype for Brad's upcoming improv performances.
The dynamite-ic duo talk about Fall TV and shows they are excited for. Brad starts talking about how his TV viewing habits have changed and why they have changed. This leads to a deep conversation about creating art and putting it out there for others to consume, appreciate, and eviscerate.
Next comes a HUGE announcement about upcoming Senior Discount news! LISTEN!
The podcast closes with Chuck and Brad talking about their senses of "belonging" with different groups throughout their life. It gets real, and real honest. An interesting look inside the minds of two of the most handsome, well-adjusted men on the planet today.

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