Monday, December 9, 2013

Episode 138: Fighting Negativity. Also, Movie News!

The 138th episode of the Chuck and Brad podcast starts innocently enough. Chuck asks Brad how he is doing. Brad mentions some improv news, then our two lovable scamplike hosts start talking about the negativity they've seen lately. It starts with Paul Walker's passing and social media reaction thereto. They talk about women in media in 2013. They talk about local bands and support. They talk about a terrible experience at a local eatery. They talk about Spike Lee's "Oldboy."
Then, of course, they move on to what's up with Chuck. Chuck plugs the new Senior Discount album and an upcoming show (see Web Couliers below). Then it's time for movie news! What do they think of Wonder Woman appearing in the Superman/Batman movie? What's the deal with the red band trailer for "Nymphomaniac?" Ooh, is that the trailer for "Amazing Spider-Man 2?" Other X-Men movie news follows, then they discuss the film adaptation of "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark."

MUSIC: Ska Goes Solo Tour
MUSIC: Senior Discount's Christmas Medley (2010)
MUSIC: Bad Religion - Christmas Songs
TRAILER: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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