Thursday, April 17, 2014

Episode 155: The Story of Bad Larry, Part One

A double interview this week! In fact, the double interview was so big it has to be split into two parts! That's pretty much four interviews for the price of none! As Chuck says - "Whoa mama!" This week, Chuck and Brad welcome Nick and Walt from local band Bad Larry into the studio/Chuck's kitchen. After some quick plugs for upcoming gigs, the four scoundrels wax nostalgic about the coming-up days of Bad Larry. Hear about musical influences of the band, learn about Cranston high school band rivalries, the infamous fistfight as VBW House (Was Chuck's head pushed through a window screen? Spoiler alert: Yes.), and other ridiculous stories from the guests (and the hosts). Part two up next week!

Opening/Closing Song: Bad Larry - "Shudder To Think"

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