Thursday, September 25, 2014

Episode 177: Deadpool movie, Tusk, Friendship?, and Story Brainstorming

The 177th edition of the C&B P-C starts with the typical show announcements from Brad's improv group and Chuck's band - competing shows on the same night! Wow! Chuck then tells Brad some exciting movie news about an upcoming Deadpool film, and our two heroes talk about a particular plot device in the Captain America: Winter Soldier movie and what it may mean going forward. Once future movies are done being discussed, Brad and Chuck talk about their recent trip to see the new Kevin Smith movie "Tusk." What did they think? Listen and find out!
Once the Walrus talk is through, Brad reads an interaction he had online with a lady and talks about how he feels the interaction indicates a lack of interest in him as a human being. The guys talk about that at length, diving into Brad's current pessimism headfist! Woo! But, trying to take this potential negative and turn it to a positive, Brad talks about a short story idea he has and runs it by Chuck and the two try to flesh it out into something a little more...good.
- Brad

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