Monday, November 10, 2014

Episode 184: Our Florida Adventure - Part 1

This week, we are presenting a three-part series. Recently, Chuck and Brad went to Florida with some of their pals. Let's lay it on the line here - this week's series of episodes that are more for the superfans of the Chuck and Brad Podcast, as they are basically the audio equivalent of home movies. Not the most exciting, hilarious or erotic series of episodes - just the recording of a good vacation with some good friends. Here are some "exciting" highlights: background information on planning our trip, some expressions of anxiety, the initial flight and associated trouble therewith, arrival in Florida, a surprising shopping expedition, meeting up with Lou, and a day in Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure. Also a gluttonous feast.
This episode was recorded while still on the trip, while still in the townhouse we rented in Florida. Chuck and Brad are joined on this journey (both literal and figurative) by podcast mainstays Lou Perella and Patrick Dennis, as well as newcomer Sarah Reynolds. Much fun is had at everyone's expense.

There are no Web Couliers this episode.

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