Thursday, April 2, 2015

Episode 205: Wrestlemania and Sweet Babylon

Episode 205 kicks off in style, with special in-studio guests Kyle, Lenny, and Izzy from Sweet Babylon stopping by. The guys promote their upcoming projects, then Chuck offers up brief descriptions of the below Web Couliers. He then talks about some movie news that all five guys are excited about - Deadpool! Mallrats 2! Some exciting news about the April Fool's update to Dying Light, then the wrestling talk begins in earnest! All five gentlemen discuss the recent Wrestlemania 31 and their feelings about the event, about WWE programming as of late, and even some nostalgic looks back into their own pasts with wrestling. Each match on the Wrestlemania 31 card is broken down and evaluated on its merits.
Finally, Chuck and Brad turn their attention to the original purpose of the episode - talking with Sweet Babylon about Sweet Babylon! We scratch the surface of this positive, fun-loving local band and get excited for their upcoming shows!

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: Fast To The Future
VIDEO: NoFX's "The Decline," played by an orchestra
VIDEO: Sweet Babylon - "I'm a Jerk"

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