Monday, June 15, 2015

Episode 215: Jurassic World, Chuck's PS4, and Writing in Wrestling

Episode 215 of the podcast features Patrick Dennis joining the guys in studio. The three pals chat about some updates in their lives before Chuck breaks out some Movie Driplets. The Boondock Saints prequel series is discussed, as well as the casting of the Punisher on the Netflix Daredevil series. They talk about Bad Boys 3 rumors and the NoFX documentary Backstage Passport 2. Some Simpsons news and some Freddy versus Jason news rounds out the Driplet section.
From there, there's a discussion of the upcoming game Mario Maker, then some news about Patrick's apartment hunt. Chuck relates the tale of how he acquired a Playstation 4 and the guys talk about what constitutes a scam. Chuck and Brad dive into some recent story developments in the WWE and the rise of Kevin Owens.
After that, it's all Jurassic World. Starting at the one-hour-and-five-minute mark, the guys break down the plot of the film and share their thoughts for the next hour. There are one billion spoilers in this section.

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VIDEO: Freddy Versus Jason teaser

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