Thursday, July 23, 2015

Episode 220: Ant-Man, Ted 2, and Chuck's Brother's Wedding

The 220th installment of this entertainment stalwart starts out with Chuck and Brad talking about the history of Senior Discount. Chuck runs through some old shows and Brad talks about what he was doing at the time (11-12 years ago). This is all to plug the upcoming S*D show on July 31. The guys answer an email about leaked trailers from a loyal listener, then talk about Chuck's brother's wedding weekend. A minor hitch occurred after the rehearsal - did this throw the whole weekend off?
Brad also talks about his trip to Indiana and time with his family, then the guys talk about the 2nd Annual Bradley Invitational Tournament in Chuck's backyard. They also debate the merits of Brad doing "Brad Trivia" on Facebook on his birthday. From there, they mention a different birthday party they attended, and Chuck gives a brief review of Ted 2. They discuss Ant-Man in greater detail, then Chuck attempts to explain Periscope to Brad (by Periscoping him).

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