Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Episode 232: Halloween 2015 - Costumes, Celebration, and The Grinchverse

This installment is our annual Halloween episode! We are joined (as with previous Halloween episodes) by local ne'er-do-wells Brian Decoteaux and Nic Hallenbeck. The guys plug some upcoming projects, then mention the below Web Couliers. Chuck recaps his (and Brad's) Halloween experiences from this year, and Brad tells a brief tale of mistaken identity at a party he recently attended. Chuck tells the guys about the most recent additions to his Halloween playlist and explains the rationale behind it.
The guys continue to have fun exploring ridiculous costume ideas, with the idea that they could all be rejected ideas. Chuck pulls up an article about this year's Simpsons Halloween episode, then mentions Teefury's holiday collection.
Things take a turn for poignancy when Chuck poses the question - what should an adult's relationship with Halloween be? And the final topic of the evening is the continuation of LAST year's extended Grinch-verse conversation. Ridiculous.

Web Couliers:
S*D VIDEO: The Great Pumpkin Caper
S*D VIDEO: Creepy Little Kid

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