Thursday, November 5, 2015

Episode 235: Slave Leia is No More! and Back to the Future

Episode 235 of the C&B PC has two special guests - Gina Mastrostefano and Patrick Dennis! After everyone cruelly taunts Patrick for his new haircut, the guys publicize some upcoming events. Movie Driplets are discussed, including Marvel Phase 2 Collector's Sets, a reboot of the "Dragon Tattoo" series, news on Bad Santa 2, a 20th Century Fox theme park in Dubai, an Aliens sequel being shelved, and Aziz Ansari's new TV show. Whew!
They return to the topic of crossovers to clarify some points a listener had brought up, Chuck reads insults he Tweeted about WWE Superstar Kane, there's talk of a wrestling-themed soap opera, Streetlight Manifesto is being sued by their former label, and there's a NoFX autobiography coming out! Also, they react to the news that there will be no new Star Wars merchandise featuring "Slave Leia". What the-?
The heart of this episode, though, is the film series Back to the Future and its legacy. With the coming (and going) of the "future date" from Back to the Future 2, everyone marvels at the film's enduring popularity. Our four hardy souls share their feelings about the film and their experiences with it. Chuck also claims Indiana Jones is a cowboy.

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