Thursday, July 7, 2016

Episode 271: Summer Playlists, Blink-182, and Independence Weekends

Who's ready for summer?! Chuck is, and proves it, by rolling through his "summer daytime" playlist to start off this episode. Fun fact: there are a lot of daytime summer songs. We talk about the below Web Couliers, then hash out the exciting news that Red Dead Redemption will be backward compatible for the Xbox One. We review the new Blink-182 album and discuss why Blink has stuck around for so long when other bands have....uh....not. Did you know Chuck and I actually spent the weekend apart? And that we didn't talk about what we did until on the podcast? Chuck recaps his fun American weekend with friends and family and I talk about barely beating a six year-old in a mile race! That feat having been properly feted, Chuck reveals the secret of a good summer playlist - have a second one for summer nights! He reviews this one and we sign off!

Web Couliers:
ARTICLE: EW's interview of Marc Shaiman
BLOG: Troy Duffy's Retro Diary about "Boondock Saints"

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