Thursday, February 2, 2017

Episode 298 Part 1: Director Ben Affleck, Gamestop Corporate Decisions, and Magnificent 7

We ran long this week, so pay no attention to the fact that we don't say "part one" at the beginning of the episode! This episode finds us talking about the below Web Couliers, then we talk about Johnny Knoxville's next film project, before chatting about Ben Affleck stepping down as director of "The Batman." We talk a lot about some Gamestop policies for their employees and how they will affect the business.
We then discuss Chris Gethard's one-man show being broadcast on HBO, then briefly talk about the New York Times' bestseller lists. We review our week - including my contribution of Chipotle to our Royal Rumble party - then I tell Chuck about the movie "Arrival." We then review Magnificent Seven (the remake) before cutting ourselves off for part one.
~ Brad

SUMMARY: The Ring movies (so far)
TRAILER: ESPN's "This was the XFL"
MUSIC: Jeff Rosenstock's Acoustic Benefit Album

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