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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Episode 117: Chuck Staton's High School Journal and the new "Star Trek"

Episode 117 of the C&B PC (as the cool kids call it) opens with C and B (as the nerds call them) discussing the upcoming video game Payday 2, then segue into a discussion on purchasing games for systems that have already had their successors announced.
After that, some entertainment tidbits are covered. Fat Mike will be recording with Against Me! for an unnamed project! Wow! What do Brad and Chuck think about Dan Harmon's return to Community? And what did the boyz think of the new Star Trek movie?
Recently, Chuck found a journal he kept (by the side of the bed) during his senior year of high school and first year after he graduated. Stories he shares through the words of his 17 and 18-year-old self include the story of his first kiss, an almost-hookup, and his first....other experiences with girls. He shares some sad, sexy, and some sexy-yet-sad stories from that time period as well, all described with the grace and restraint of a teenager writing something that's not designed for public consumption. Enjoy!

There are no Web Couliers this week.

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