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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

#364 - Paul Cuffee and the Wendy's Debate

Big announcement this week - we'll be headlining the Comedy Connection on June 21st with our reimagining of Jurassic Park! We talk about that and plug some other upcoming shows, then talk about Senior Discount drummer Christian's school play about Paul Cuffee. We have a lot of fun at Christian's expense. We talk about the recent Senior Discount show with Tsunami Bomb and that leads Chuck to reminisce about an old experience at a Wendy's drive-thru. Our discussion leads Chuck to ask the age-old question: What Would Paul Cuffee Do?
Last Saturday we covered the "Punk In Drublic" Festival in Brockton, MA. We have opinions on bands and food! Important opinions! Chuck and I then discuss the appropriate way to handle a potential dating situation in 2018 - which is more intimate, texting or Facebook? Once that's done, we discuss a spoiler-free review of Deadpool 2!
- Brad

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