Sunday, May 27, 2012

Episode 87: Sometimes Feelings Are Not Rational

This episode is a very candid conversation between Brad and Chuck about individual argument style, conflict resolution, and views on friendship.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Episode 86: Google Pocket, Community, and the Erosion of a Friendship

Brad opens this week on a sour note, with a brief mention of his down-in-the-dumpsness. A halfhearted endorsement for the upcoming SkyPunch show, then a discussion of this week's Web Coulier (listed below). Speaking of the Web, Chuck teaches Brad how to use the new Google Pocket program (formerly Read It Later). After that, Chuck's TV Driplet becomes a TV Drop as the boys spend quite a while discussing Dan Harmon's departure from Community.

B & C then discuss their summer DVD queue, including a documentary Brad had forgotten about until recently. The conversation then becomes heart-wrenchingly serious as Chuck details the slow erosion and potential dissolution of his ten-year friendship with Sousa.

Web Couliers:
- ARTICLE: Pro Wrestling For Auteurs

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Episode 85: Brad's Vacation, Tom Gabel's Transformation, and "The Avengers"

This week returns with an episode of "Agreeing To Disagree," as Brad re-joins the 'cast cast after his vacation. He tells Patrick and Chuck what he thought about the Brad-cast, and corrects an error or two that was made in his absence - including the TRUTH about "making out with a topless prostitute at a concert." Chuck offers some movie/TV droplets of information, which the boys discuss for a while. Following that, we learn about Brad's recent trip, including several chuckle-worthy moments.

Once the personal stuff is out of the way, attention shifts to the big news from the world of punk music from this past week - Against Me! singer Tom Gabel has announced that he is transgendered, and will begin living life as a woman. After some in-depth discussion about transgenderism and their feelings toward the announcement, they move on to the last topics - the double feature of "The Dictator" and "The Avengers." Find out their thoughts this week!