Monday, April 22, 2013

Episode 111: Jurassic Park, Green Day, and our heroes' pasts

This week's episode of the Chuck and Brad podcast finds Chuck and Brad joined by local roustabout Mat Fairchild. The three open the conversation by discussion past incidents of "pantsing," both as pantsers and pantsees. Chuck gives a Senior Discount update and a Web Coulier, listed below. After Brad waxes enthusiastic about the Thursday Next books by Jasper Fforde, the boys discuss creative ventures in various stages of development.
Chuck brings some news driplets to the table - Comic Book Men, the Bad Boys 3 announcement, and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. After that, the meat of the podcast has teeth sunken into it [Editor: There has to be a better way to word that, you idiots.] They discuss a recent trip to see Jurassic Park in 3-D IMAX. Much merriment is made at Brad's expense. Once the raptor calls die down, Chuck and Brad talk about their recent experiences involving Green Day - seeing the band perform live in Providence and watching the recent Cuatro! documentary from the band.
Chuck then brags about some videogame accomplishments that are literally so astounding they can not be put to print. He then talks about the recent movie Spring Breakers and gives his thoughts on the film. All three of the hosts this week talk about their first encounters with illicit substances, then the conversation turns back to popular culture, as Chuck and Brad talk about the Mick Foley and CM Punk DVD's. The conversation ends with an in-depth discussion of the plotline of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, the upcoming X-Men movie.

Acoustic performance of "Afterlife" by Chuck Staton

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