Sunday, December 22, 2013

Episode 140: Christmas 2013!

The 140th episode of the Chuck and Brad podcast is a festive one! It's time for the boys' annual Christmas Podcast, accompanied once again by Eric "Yukon Cornelius" Macksoud. The gleesome threesome begin with updates about Eric's band and Chuck's band playing some upcoming shows. After that, Chuck presents an email that was sent in by a special listener and everyone's heart grows three sizes.
Brad and Chuck tell the story behind their Christmas Surprise - a recording of "Holly Jolly Christmas" with alternate lyrics. A link is below, and the song itself is featured at the end of the podcast. Once those beans are well and truly spilled, Macksoud tells a story about a disturbing lovemaking experience he once had.
Back into Christmas stuff they dive! Headfirst, directly into the subject of the Perfect Christmas Playlist and Chuck's ongoing quest to find it. Once new songs are discussed, Chuck and Macksoud exchange gifts. Chuck then talks about the DLC for Saints Row 4 entitled "How The Saints Saved Christmas." Brad then talks about how he hasn't really celebrated in the same way as he has during previous years and they talk about why that is. Finally, Chuck recaps VBW Christmas events over the past decade.

MUSIC: "Holly Jolly Christmas (Gutterpup Version)" by the Chuck and Brad podcast

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Episode 139: Kindness, Snow, and Workplace Misbehavior

Episode 139 of Agreeing to Disagree starts with Brad talking about some improv things going on, and Chuck follows with some Senior Discount updates - including a plug for the upcoming Ska Goes Solo show. Chuck then offers an exciting driplet about the Spider-Man universe expansion and our two hosts salivate a little.

Brad tells Chuck about #RAKit day - a promotion run by a website known as The Chive, including some irrational fears he has about the process. Chuck and Brad discuss a Christmassy event they recently attended, then Brad segues smoothly into a story about snow removal during his time at Walgreens. He tells a long story about a former manager, then he and Chuck swap stories about their time at previous jobs. The podcast closes with a brief discussion about the recent WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay-per-view.

There are no Web Couliers this week.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Episode 138: Fighting Negativity. Also, Movie News!

The 138th episode of the Chuck and Brad podcast starts innocently enough. Chuck asks Brad how he is doing. Brad mentions some improv news, then our two lovable scamplike hosts start talking about the negativity they've seen lately. It starts with Paul Walker's passing and social media reaction thereto. They talk about women in media in 2013. They talk about local bands and support. They talk about a terrible experience at a local eatery. They talk about Spike Lee's "Oldboy."
Then, of course, they move on to what's up with Chuck. Chuck plugs the new Senior Discount album and an upcoming show (see Web Couliers below). Then it's time for movie news! What do they think of Wonder Woman appearing in the Superman/Batman movie? What's the deal with the red band trailer for "Nymphomaniac?" Ooh, is that the trailer for "Amazing Spider-Man 2?" Other X-Men movie news follows, then they discuss the film adaptation of "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark."

MUSIC: Ska Goes Solo Tour
MUSIC: Senior Discount's Christmas Medley (2010)
MUSIC: Bad Religion - Christmas Songs
TRAILER: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Episode 137: WWE Survivor Series, Senior Discount at Lupo's, and Shooting Guns

On episode 137 of the Chuck and Brad Podcast, Chuck's kitchen gets very crowded as the guyzos are joined by sultry sweetheart Gina Mastrostefano, sweaty sweetheart Nic Hallenbeck, and salt-loving sweetheart Patrick Dennis for a long talk about what they've been up to recently!
After a listener email about Christmas and some updates from C and B, Chuck opens up a new segment called "Fairchy In Crisis" and he and Brad bemoan the twisted fate of frequent podcast guest Mat Fairchild. Chuck and Brad then display a rare sense of continuity with an update from episode 136 - what do Chuck and Brad, media gluttons, think of their new Xbox One consoles?
The guys and Gina talk about their trip to Hartford to see the documentary "Broadway Idiot." Was the documentary worth watching, or a waste of time? Also, hear some hilarious anecdotes about local naif Eric Macksoud! Continuing their weekend jaunts, they talk about their trip to see the WWE Pay-Per-View "Survivor Series" in Boston, and discuss some strange ethical quandaries they found themselves in.
Chuck then talks about Senior Discount's return to Lupo's and some struggles the band has had recently in terms of local support. Have they left the scene behind, or has the scene left them behind? Finally, Nic, Patrick, Chuck and Brad discuss their recent trip to Mass Firearms School to learn how to shoot guns - who earned the title of "Quack Shot?" Also, how much money did Chuck spend on soup at the New England Soup Factory? More than you'd think!

TRAILER: Senior Discount's album trailer