Thursday, March 27, 2014

Episode 152: New Media, Patrick Rothfuss, and Patton Oswalt

The 152nd installment of this fine program starts with Senior Discount Updates from Chuck, followed by some Brad Updates by Brad. From there, Chuck offers some movie driplets about new shows coming in the future. Chuck then delves into the strange world of giving up DirectTV - how hard is it going to be to watch his favorite shows? How much thinking should one have to do about television? C&B banter about who watches more TV and how they watch it, all the while dodging the real issue - why is it so hard to accurately fast-forward on Hulu?

Once they put that topic to bed, Brad tells the story of going to Cambridge for a reading and signing by renowned fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss. Did Brad meet new people and make new friends? Did Patrick Rothfuss throw away the live podcast DVD Brad handed him? Listen and find out yo'self! Chuck and Brad then tell the story of going to see stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt in Boston on the following night, and then share a few thoughts about the evening.

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