Thursday, June 12, 2014

Episode 163: First Impressions, E3, and Chuck's New Philosophy

This week's episode starts with some lighthearted banter about the boyz' evening dinner plans and how they had to be adapted. From there, we hear about Brad's upcoming improv shows and Chuck/S*D's upcoming rock shows. Chuck then offers some Movie Driplets (TM pending) about the casting of Gambit, the director of Dr. Strange, and the new director for Ant-Man.
Brad and Chuck then discuss first impressions - how hard it is for Brad to make not only positive first impressions, but any first impressions at all. They talk about why that is, what it should be, and how changes can be made. They also joke about the first impressions people have of Chuck and talk about specific interactions that demonstrate certain aspects of Chuck's personality. (They are later joined by Podcast Pal Niki Holden who offers her take on meeting Brad for the first time.) From there, we hear what C&B have to say about the recent E3 event and the announcements by Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony - what games have the guys foaming at their shared mouth?
Chuck then tells Brad (and you, the podcast audience) about a change in his working situation, and how it is designed to inflict maximum enjoyment on him and everyone around him this summer.

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