Thursday, June 19, 2014

Episode 164: The Story of Glen and Short Handed Goal

Episode 164 of the Chuck and Brad Podcast finds the guys with another guest in studio - Glen Marshall, of local ska-punk band Short Handed Goal. After some promotion for the upcoming Guttermouth show (featuring both Senior Discount and Short Handed Goal on the undercard, along with several other awesome local bands), the guys talk a little bit about a listener email and share their thoughts on Wii U stuff. They also talk about the below Web Coulier and their sheer childlike wonder at the enduring popularity of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
From there, C&B turn their attention to G, and get the story of not only his band - Short Handed Goal - but also his history with music, his takes on songwriting, and a very special Chuck Staton moment from Glen's past. It's an action-packed hour or so on this week's episode - enjoy!

Web Couliers:
TRAILER: Turtle Power, the TMNT documentary

Opening/Closing Song:
Short Handed Goal - In Good Hands

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