Thursday, October 9, 2014

Episode 179: "The Closure-cast" - Part 2

This is the second episode of our "Closure-Cast" two-parter, and features resident lady-boy, guest Mat Fairchild. Chuck and Brad open with the typical improv and Senior Discount show updates, and then dive immediately into the meat of the discussion; Chuck's "goodbye" to bachelor-hood. This is episode two of Chuck, Brad and Mat discussing Chuck's very intentional past two years of being single, before very recently getting into a serious relationship.
After they wrap up their thoughtful look at current dating, Chuck and Brad bring you three "Mini-Casts". These shorter episodes were recorded over the course of Chuck's single life, and provided an outlet for Chuck to talk about bizarre situations in his dating life. They were recorded when the stories occurred, to be release at a later date, to protect the guilty idiots of which the stories are about.
That later date is now. Eric Macksoud joins the party on a few of these very special tales, and the past two years of Chuck's single life are brought to a close.

As promised by Chuck during the episode, he has prepared a "Chuck-rospective" guide; he has prepared a list of previous episodes, for any listeners who'd like to hear some of the more interesting bachelor-hood-related stories recorded over the past two years. Here is his list:
Episode 96: Chuck's Break-Up - Chuck, Brad, Patrick, Lou and B Lau detail the end of Chuck's relationship and our hero begins his journey
Episode 98: Chuck's Trip to Fetish Night - A story from the beginning of Chuck's return to bachelorhood
Episode 107: Chuck and Brad's Stories from Strip Clubs
Episode 124: Chuck and Brad Go Speed Dating
Episode 131: Jamaican Strippers, Dating and 180's - A very noteworthy story about an altercation Chuck had with a local sex-worker
Episode 135: An Affair Gone Awry - Chuck discusses in detail one of his short-term relationships from beginning to end
Episode 171: Now We Know What a Steak Fry Is - Chuck, Brad and guest Brian discuss being a part of the most uncomfortable and obscene stripper situation they've ever seen
Episode 172: TMNT and Relationship Views - Chuck presents the first time where he realizes he may be approaching being open to a relationship, and that his decision to trust a serious commitment again may be right around the corner...

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