Friday, October 17, 2014

Episode 180: Nick Swardson, Salem, Gratitude, and Marvel News

After the updates from the Providence Improv community and Senior Discount, Chuck regales Brad with some movie driplets - a possible re-visit to the Saw franchise, as well as updates to The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and a Fraggle Rock movie. Chuck then relates a comical misunderstanding online involving one of our good friends and some salacious items on a Wish List.
Chuck and Brad recently went with some pals to see Nick Swardson do stand-up. What did the group think of the show? Chuck talks about some other festive Halloween things they've done recently, then talks about a trip to Salem, MA, and a conflagration with his girlfriend. Brad tells Chuck about his trip to a Jasper Fforde reading/signing, then about his visit to Q Commons, a motivational inspirational lecture series that led to Brad creating a gratitude journal he calls a "brad-itude journal." Chuck thoughtfully considers what he is grateful for from the previous few days and the guyz realize that being thankful for things is good.
Chuck also relates the tale of an online joke that was deleted and expresses his displeasure with the delete-er. A few more news items close out the podcast - Iron Man in Captain America 3? HBO Go for streaming only? And a Marvel Comics Mega-Event that sounds amazing! Wow! Give us a listen!
- Brad

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