Sunday, October 2, 2016

Episode 284.5: Announcing Our New Halloween Site!

A NEW CHUCK AND BRAD PODCAST ON A MONDAY? Yes! As the Halloween 2016 season begins in earnest, we wanted to provide you with a "treat" in terms of setting the season up right and getting ourselves in the mood; so we introduce to you Chuck and Brad's "Official" Halloween anthem in order to properly announce OUR HALLOWEEN WEBSITE! Check out all our podcasts, videos, upcoming appearances and other goodies from the years passed, collected all in one place!!
- Chuck

The goal of this episode is to release a recap of some of our Halloween festivities from last year that were recorded AFTER our official Halloween 2015 podcast...but first, Chuck shows me a video (for the aforementioned "anthem") that almost made shuffle off this mortal coil. It is terrible. It is wonderful. It is our new Halloween anthem. It is the below Web Coulier. Once I've properly digested that, we throw to the recap of last year's post-official-Halloween-2015-podcast spooky activities to get us (and you) in the mood to celebrate this year!
- Brad

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: Get Down Goblin

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