Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Episode 319: A Beachside Chat with Reel Big Fish: Part 2

We are on the road again this week, in "beautiful" Hartford, Connecticut, continuing our conversation with Matt Appleton (Saxl Rose) and Johnny Christmas of Reel Big Fish! We pick up where we left off and learn the behind-the scenes of Matt's recording career, Johnny's entry into Reel Big Fish, Matt leaving Goldfinger, then Matt joining RBF! (and then joining Goldfinger again?) We talk about the current horn section and talk a lot about shelved recordings. A great talk with great dudes!
- Brad

NOTE: Hartford is considerably less beachy than Westerly, RI.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Episode 318: A Beachside Chat with Reel Big Fish

We are on the road this week, in beautiful Westerly, Rhode Island, talking with Matt Appleton (SAxl Rose) and Johnny Christmas of Reel Big Fish! Chuck and I chat with the guys about their musical upbringing, the place of "recorders" in grade school, how they got into music, their instrumental backgrounds, some sweet news about the upcoming Goldfinger album, and other stories leading up to their union with Reel Big Fish!
- Brad/Chuck

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Episode 317: The Story of "And That's Goodbye"

We're joined this week by Senior Discount drummer Christian Staton! We talk about the behind-the-scenes of the original EP for S*D's "And That's Goodbye." We walk through the whole process of the EP, from writing to recording to releasing, as Chuck and Christian regale us with band dude tales! They also discuss the behind-the-scenes of the extra tracks that will be now released on the deluxe version of "And That's Goodbye"; "Explode RI (Reignited)," "I'm Crazy (Live and Revived)," "A Death Threat to the World at Large," and "Ben Broke Edge." This is all in preparation for the release of "And That's Goodbye (Deluxe)" which drops on June 19!
- Brad

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Episode 316: "Q The Laughs," Alien: Covenant, and Wonder Woman

Back to a (relatively) normal podcast this week! Chuck tells me about the project he's been working on with Q, Walt, and Bryan of "Tell 'Em Steve-Dave" and hints at another as-yet-unreleased project. Chuck and I talk - spoiler-free - about Alien: Covenant and I am shamed for my lack of love for the horror genre. We talk about a new sushi restaurant in Barrington, then about our experience watching the movie "Split." We talk about the 90's Pub Crawl/PVDFest, then we are joined by Gina so we can finish with a spoiler-free review of Wonder Woman. Bonus: we follow up with spoiler-FULL reviews of Wonder Woman and Alien: Covenant.
- Brad

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Episode 315: Our D&D Adventure Concludes!

We left off last week because our adventure was too big to be contained in one episode. The adventures of Chuck, Macksoud, and I continue under the watchful eye of Game Master Matt Di Chiara. Will our adventure end in triumph or tragedy?!?
- Brad