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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Episode 344: Chuck's Nintendo Scam and A Look Back At 2017

We kick off this week with a discussion about some awesome enamel pins Chuck received from the good people at Wicked Critter Co. Ill admit it -they're pretty great, even if Chuck's the only one getting hooked up*. From there, Chuck tells me about his scam to make enough money to get a Nintendo Switch (plus games), an NES Classic (above retail), and an SNES Classic (plus a wireless controller) for a total of $0 spent. And he did it!! Wow! NOTE: If I don't seem impressed when Chuck's telling me about it, it's because I'm not surprised he's able to pull these things off.
After that, we talk about our feelings concerning Chuck and Brad's Best Christmas Show Ever, which was December 21. After that, we look back, week by week, at ALL of 2017 and talk about the things we did artistically and personally and how they shaped us as performers and individuals.
- Brad

- Chuck

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