Friday, March 27, 2015

Episode 204: Bickering in Relationships, American Sniper Libel, the Joys of Filming, and Fixing Chappie

Episode 204 begins with Brad correctly introducing the podcast on the first try. After some Senior Discount and Brad updates, the guys talk about bickering in relationships and how that works and looks. From there, it's a brief discussion on anger and how the guys demonstrate that (with a stirring example from Chuck's home life). Chuck has Movie Driplets about Super Troopers 2 and a new Lego movie.
Podcast Pal Patrick Dennis wrote himself a letter a few years ago, and the guys take a somber look at the letter as they broadcast Patrick's private thoughts to the world. Also...what's up with the new Nintendo console? Chuck and Brad move on to a topic frequent listeners enjoy - their understanding of the law, as they discuss the libel case brought by Jesse Ventura against "American Sniper" Chris Kyle.
Happier topics include T-Mobile's announcement of Music Freedom, and the free music streaming offered by the carrier. Also, who are some of the characters in the new Mortal Kombat game? There's some speculation between C&B about which character will die in Avengers 2 before they move on to discussing their own filming project and the glee they are taking in it. Finally, Chuck and Brad debut a new segment called "Chuck and Brad fix..." and use that segment to discuss, spoil, and fix the movie "Chappie."

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PICTURE: Patrick Dennis, handsome deviant

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