Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Episode 216: Our Blink 182 Announcement, the Anti-Flag Show, and Our Failed Batman Midnight!

Whoa! Episode 216 is here! Chuck and Brad dive right into their upcoming shows - including the announcement of Senior Discount's Anniversary Show/Blink 182 set! Listen in for details! The boys bring some sweet Web Couliers to the table: "This is Not a Band" and their a capella punk medleys, Lexus' announcement of their hoverboard, and the Consuelo's Revenge album! Chuck also brings a story of RI band drama and the boys discuss the right way to deal with confrontation.
Movie news then includes: the final chapter in the Paranormal Activity series being announced, a new "Halloween" film (and a discussion of Halloween canon), and Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's "A Deadly Adoption".
Chuck then discusses his show with Anti-Flag last week, and Brad talks about his dislike for the in-crowd violence. Is Chuck accosted because of his cousin Patrick's raging libido? Find out by listening in! The boys end the traditional topics with a re-visit to "Jurassic World" to discuss all the records broken by the film, and how proud the guys are of how much they like it. Wow! These guys can find any reason to pat themselves on the back!
The podcast ends with a re-telling of Chuck and Brad's recent experience hosting a Gamestop Midnight Release for Batman: Arkham Knight. Did they crash and burn because a DJ was booked to play at the same time immediately to their left? Yes. Yes they did. Hear Chuck and Brad explain what happened, talk about their plan, bring a sexy story to light, and play back some of their recorded episode from the Gamestop debacle.
- Chuck

Web Couliers:
KICKSTARTER: "This is Not a Band" A Capella Punk Rock
VIDEO: Lexus' Hoverboard
MUSIC: Consuelo's Revenge - Consuelo's Revenge

Monday, June 15, 2015

Episode 215: Jurassic World, Chuck's PS4, and Writing in Wrestling

Episode 215 of the podcast features Patrick Dennis joining the guys in studio. The three pals chat about some updates in their lives before Chuck breaks out some Movie Driplets. The Boondock Saints prequel series is discussed, as well as the casting of the Punisher on the Netflix Daredevil series. They talk about Bad Boys 3 rumors and the NoFX documentary Backstage Passport 2. Some Simpsons news and some Freddy versus Jason news rounds out the Driplet section.
From there, there's a discussion of the upcoming game Mario Maker, then some news about Patrick's apartment hunt. Chuck relates the tale of how he acquired a Playstation 4 and the guys talk about what constitutes a scam. Chuck and Brad dive into some recent story developments in the WWE and the rise of Kevin Owens.
After that, it's all Jurassic World. Starting at the one-hour-and-five-minute mark, the guys break down the plot of the film and share their thoughts for the next hour. There are one billion spoilers in this section.

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: Freddy Versus Jason teaser

Monday, June 8, 2015

Episode 214: Nick Offerman, Comic Sequels, and Stretch

Episode 214 finds us joined by Podcast Newcomer Sara P, an old friend of Chuck's. After the usual updates, the guys (and guy-ette) discuss the below Web Couliers. Chuck then provides some movie driplets - a Chris Farley documentary, Nick Fury's role in Civil War, and the Disney news about "Night on Bald Mountain."
Chuck and Brad tell Sara about their recent trip to see a stop on Nick Offerman's book tour, then Chuck and Brad thrill her when discussing the sequel to famed comic series Old Man Logan. Chuck also tells Brad and Sara about the Fight Club 2 comic. Chuck and Brad talk about some recent karaoke adventures in Providence, and also discuss some items of infamous history in the city. Sara tells a little infamous history of her own, sharing the tale of a car-egging gone awry.
Chuck talks about his recent trip to see the Reel Big Fish/Less Than Jake tour and how exciting the night was. After that, Chuck explains the movie Stretch and provides an enthusiastic opinion about whether it should be watched. We close with another exciting edition of Chuck's Petty Printouts, as Chuck relates a recent eBay squabble with a man from another country.

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: Senior Discount's "Know Your Role"
PETITION: People really want a "Tron 3"
TEXT: A selection from Aziz Ansari's forthcoming book Modern Romance