Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Episode 219: Comic-Con Trailers, Pay to Play, and The Story of Rob

Episode 219 of the C&B P-C kicks off with special guest Rob Courtemanche joining the guys in the studio. After some updates concerning upcoming shows, the guys discuss the passel of trailers that came out at Comic-Con this past week. They dish about Deadpool! They squawk about Suicide Squad! They BS about Batman vs Superman. They, um, move their lips about X-Men: Apocalypse? Finally, Chuck dives into Hugh Jackman's revelation about Old Man Logan being the third and final standalone Wolverine film and what that means to him personally. The comic stuff taken care of, the three pals talk about some recent "pay to play" controversy in the Rhode Island music scene and their feelings thereon.
After that, the interview portion of the podcast commences. Chuck and Brad pepper Rob with questions about his musical history and Rob unearths some dynamite stories from his involvement with the bands Bad Larry, Turning Blue, Verbana Darvell, Danger Room, Paler Ghost and The Pogs! They talk about art and music and touring and Xboxes. It's a great conversation, sure to be continued when Senior Discount plays out on July 31st!

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