Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Episode 230: Movie Endings, College Memories, and Festive Activities

Episode 230 begins with some standard Chuck-and-Brad updates, then the guys delve into the news about Marvel looking at making a lot more of their one-shot film projects. The dudes are appropriately stoked. From there, Chuck tells Brad about Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes (2001) and the confusion about the ending of the movie, as well as how the studio explained the ending to viewers who were left scratching their heads. Like apes. Chuck regales us all with tales of his anniversary night with Gina, then talks about some Open Mic nights he's been to recently. This somehow segues to Brad talking about guilt he feels from a college project that was literally over fifteen years ago. C&B really get into sharing some stories about their times in college. Chuck talks about his trip to NYC to see "Aladdin" on Broadway, then they talk about the "Turtle Hunt" - a daylong trip to track down and obtain some important Halloween decorations. The guys also got to see Monday Night Raw - what moment gave Brad goosebumps?

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