Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Episode 273: Warped Tour, Ghostbusters, and The Story of No Plateau

Before we are joined by our special guests, we have news to recap and recount! Because we're such cool big shots, we covered the Warped Tour as press! What does that mean? We're still trying to figure that out! Who was our favorite band? How did we avoid sunburn? How do chicken fingers relate to an erection? We answer all of those questions (even though that last one is pretty self-explanatory). We also review the new Ghostbusters movie and discuss what we liked and what we didn't about the film.
From there, we are joined by Christian Staton and Sean Murphy of Providence-based band No Plateau. We immediately learn that Christian has a depraved past and don't let go of it the entire episode. We also learn about their forays into music, how they got together, and the story behind their new EP, No One But Me.

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EVENT: Chuck and Brad Will Be Doing Stand-Up at Chuck's Birthday Show!

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