Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Episode 275: Flight of the Conchords, Stand-Up Review, and Canobie Lake Park

After some Chuck and Brad updates, we talk about some news! We chat about the Netflix Marvel Universe and what we're excited about, then Chuck gets REALLY excited for the trailer for Kong: Skull Island. Chuck tells me about John Cena being cast in an HBO mockumentary about cycling, then about Joe Carnahan writing the Uncharted movie. There's a Blair Witch sequel coming out, as well as a remake of...*sigh*...Pumpkinhead.
Fans of Chuck's squabbles will be delighted to learn that this week, he's upset again, and he's setting his sights on a company going out of business. We talk about the new singles from Against Me! and Green Day, as well as Michael J. Fox appearing on stage with Coldplay.
Once the news is done, we look back at our past few weeks. We went to see Flight of the Conchords, Chuck went to Vermont, Chuck talks about the foam party last week's guests played, then we get to a weekend of stand-up. We both performed Saturday night, then I went up on Sunday as part of the Last Comix Standing. We talk a lot about what worked and what didn't, although I tend to focus on more of the latter. Then we discuss our group trip to Canobie Lake Park before Chuck tells me about his birthday at the Mystic Aquarium! We have been busy!

P.S. After the podcast, Brad LOST HIS SHIT about the Pumpkinhead remake!!!!!

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