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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Episode 293: Chuck and Brad's Chris-Match - TLC: Tinsel, Laughter, and Cheer

This is one of our favorite episodes ever.

We got together with six of our friends (giving us eight voices), then four more friends (as judges), then one final friend (as a sound mixer) and had a wonderfully crazy competition between Brad's Team and Chuck's Team in a winner-take-all series of Christmas games for the ages! Team names, Christmas trivia, ruining Christmas movies, insulting poems, the first and last time we'll ever play "What Celebrity's In My Bed?" on the podcast, a song parody battle between Macksoud and Christian, confessing shameful secrets to Santa, and Christmas Deception! Wow! That took a long time just to type! Seriously, this is probably the most fun we've had on the podcast and the first time we've tried something with this many pieces. It is so, so, so, so fun.
Guests include: Abe Correia, Fawn Correia, Michayla Currie, Jordan Furtado, Brian Lau, Eric Macksoud, Gina Mastrostefano, Olivia Ryding, Christian Staton, and Sam Staton. Sound engineered by Sean Murphy. Merry Christmas!
~ Brad

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