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Monday, October 29, 2018

#386 - Halloween 2018

We are joined this year for our annual Halloween episode by our pal Ray Harrington. We open (somewhat incongruously) with a long discussion of comic strips and their appeal. We plug some upcoming shows, then Chuck recaps our Halloween season so far, including Chuck and Ray's Vermont trip and some fun movies we've seen. We segue into a discussion of horror movies and stories that have stayed with us long after the stories end. We discuss the new Halloween movie and also try to convince Ray to watch the Paranormal Activity series. After that, Chuck and Ray try to convince me to watch Eli Roth's horror documentary. Chuck tells a bizarre story from his youth that relates to a current political race in the area. Ray tells us about his experience with Halloween as a youth and how the relationship has changed up to and including fatherhood. We revisit the topic of horror stories that have stayed with us. Chuck talks about the original Pet Sematary movie and reveals Gina's amazing detective skills, then we close with a discussion about adapting novels to movies.
- Brad

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