Monday, August 24, 2015

Episode 224: The Story of Rob Pierce

Our 224th foray into podcasting starts with Gina Mastrostefano providing a cameo appearance! She and Chuck tell the story of parking lot vigilantism; Brad remains unconvinced. After that, local standup comic Rob Pierce joins Chuck and Brad. The three guys talk about the upcoming show at the Comedy Connection and then dive into some movie news, including the announcement regarding Star Wars Theme Parks!
The interview with Rob starts with a thorough discussion of his musical background and covers a lot of territory. The guys make their way around to Rob's comedy career and the challenges and opportunities that come with that. It's a fun look* into the mind of a very funny man.

*- I know podcasts are audio. It's an audio look, okay?

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: The Chuck and Brad Podcast present: Brad's Birthday Prostitute

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Episode 223: Bad Blood, Social Etiquette, and Fantastic Four

Episode 223 features Chuck and Brad rockin' their respective microphones all episode. After the traditional Bradprov/Senior Discount updates, the guys talk about the below Web Coulier. This leads into a discussion about music videos and their merits. Should they be performance-based? A narrative? What purpose do they serve? And how many videos do C&B actually remember?
Chuck offers a Movie Driplet about a forthcoming Back To The Future documentary, then some news about an Xbox One DVR. The dudes also discuss social etiquette vis a vis door holding for strangers in public. It's a neglected topic!
The main topic for this week's episode is a thorough discussion of the new movie Fantastic Four. Many critics panned the film, and audiences have stayed away or hated it. How do Chuck and Brad feel, and how do they express it?

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: Bad Blood by Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Episode 222: Xbox Backward Compatibility, Bad Boys Movies, and the Local Music Scene

The 222nd episode features local musician/promoter Davey Moore of Midday Records. The three guys banter about some upcoming shows and Chuck gives a bite-sized review of Senior Discount's recent show at the Met. They discuss some backward compatibility news for the Xbox One from the world of Microsoft and try and wrap their heads around how exactly it will work. From there, Chuck drops a bombshell on Brad about future movies in the "Bad Boys" franchise.
Davey brings his knowledge as a promoter to the discussion - that started a few weeks ago - about the business practices going on in the local Rhode Island music scene. What exactly is "pay to play," and how does it affect bands, promoters, and venues? What changes need to be made to more forward as a community of artists and businesspersons? A reasonable discussion is had!

Intro Song
Senior Discount - A Fistfull of Discount