Thursday, October 24, 2013

Episode 135: "An Affair Gone Awry" and Halloween

The 135th episode of the Chuck and Brad Podcast finds the boys joined in "studio" by local villains Brian Decoteaux and Nic Hallenbeck. After all four pimp their own projects (Bands! Comedy! Other Stuff!), Chuck begins telling a tale so terrible it could only be told in the spookiest month of the year!!!!! SHIVER with terror as Chuck spins a yarn of dating a twenty-one year-old in the modern world! QUAKE with fear when you learn about the illogical ways in which this young lady acted! Your SPINE with TINGLE when you hear about a heartbreakingly frigid response to a beautifully honest and well-written letter! (We're talking PERFECT grammar, here!!)
Once the guys are done wetting themselves, they talk about some Halloween topics, including the movie "Hocus Pocus" (and which witch they'd bang), Sexy Costumes (and which sexy costumed girl they'd bang), then the idea of sexy costumes for the four of well as some more realistic costume ideas. They also talk about the "pumpkin takeover" of the autumn season and yearn for the simple days gone by, when apple was the flavor of the masses. They finish by talking about festiveness and how important it is to keep the spirit of Halloween alive in your heart all throughout the year and forever.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Episode 134: Insecurities and Song Meanings

Episode 134 of the Chuck and Brad Podcast kicks off with some scintillating Senior Discount updates, as well as a plea from Brad to come see some improv shows.
Brad talks about a recent trip back to Indiana, and a realization that occurred to him while he was there - sometimes, he can be a pretty funny guy. C&B talk about why he doesn't feel like this all the time, and that discussion segues into a talk about creating art and not finding it appreciated.
That art discussion somehow (really, I have no idea) meanders into talk of organization, of keeping records of texts, calls, chats, etc. From THERE, the guys jump to song meanings, and discuss songs by the Misfits, Lagwagon, Senior Discount, and Lemon-Lime Tennis Shoes.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Episode 133: Dissecting the "Child's Play" Series

In true Halloween spirit, this episode brings you the whole twisted tale of Charles Lee Ray, a murderer who injected his soul into the body of a doll, as a final desperate way to live on. This is the story of "Child's Play".
Chuck, along with killer-doll-sized guest Molly Mercado, sit young Master Brad down and tell him the entire saga of the six movies that star "Chucky" the murderous toy (including the brand new "Curse of Chucky" that was released straight-to-DVD this week!).
The podcast is filled to the gills with spoilers for this movie series that started 25 years ago.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Episode 132: Fall TV, S*D Announcement, and Belonging

Episode one hundred and thirty-two (really!) starts out slowly. Like, oddly so. Some strange banter about autumn and the guys' favorite things. From there, the "Kafka's Tacos" joke continues to be beat into the ground - you're welcome, Chad. That slides smoothly into some hype for Brad's upcoming improv performances.
The dynamite-ic duo talk about Fall TV and shows they are excited for. Brad starts talking about how his TV viewing habits have changed and why they have changed. This leads to a deep conversation about creating art and putting it out there for others to consume, appreciate, and eviscerate.
Next comes a HUGE announcement about upcoming Senior Discount news! LISTEN!
The podcast closes with Chuck and Brad talking about their senses of "belonging" with different groups throughout their life. It gets real, and real honest. An interesting look inside the minds of two of the most handsome, well-adjusted men on the planet today.

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