Thursday, March 27, 2014

Episode 152: New Media, Patrick Rothfuss, and Patton Oswalt

The 152nd installment of this fine program starts with Senior Discount Updates from Chuck, followed by some Brad Updates by Brad. From there, Chuck offers some movie driplets about new shows coming in the future. Chuck then delves into the strange world of giving up DirectTV - how hard is it going to be to watch his favorite shows? How much thinking should one have to do about television? C&B banter about who watches more TV and how they watch it, all the while dodging the real issue - why is it so hard to accurately fast-forward on Hulu?

Once they put that topic to bed, Brad tells the story of going to Cambridge for a reading and signing by renowned fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss. Did Brad meet new people and make new friends? Did Patrick Rothfuss throw away the live podcast DVD Brad handed him? Listen and find out yo'self! Chuck and Brad then tell the story of going to see stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt in Boston on the following night, and then share a few thoughts about the evening.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Episode 151: Dating Insecurities and Argument Styles

Episode 151 gets right into it with some Senior Discount Updates from Chuck, followed by some Brad Updates by Brad. The two then chat about last week's interview segment and plans for the podcast going forward. Chuck talks about the original plan for this week's episode and how it went off the rails, which leads into a discussion of Chuck's argument style. Hear Chuck and Brad reminisce about beautiful arguments in the past!
From there, Brad talks about re-entering the dating game, and how his beard is giving him confidence. They talk about where to meet new people, bar culture, approaching a woman at Target - you know, essential things for dating. From there, Brad asks Chuck about flirting with cute girls online - is he a schmuck like any other guy hitting on these girls? If the girl is in a relationship, what kind of flirting is okay? Does it matter if you know the guy? 21st century questions, finally answered in one place.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Episode 150: The Story of Matt and the Copacetics

Episode 150?!??! Wow! The sesquicentennial episode of Agreeing to Disagree is based chiefly around an interview with Matt Di Chiara, the lead singer for local ska band The Copacetics. Before the guys dive into the interview, though, we get Senior Discount updates and some updates about projects Brad is working on. After that, they discuss the below Web Coulier, before going into some of Chuck's famous Movie Driplets concerning a possible director for the "Uncharted" movie, a remake of Chip N' Dale's Rescue Rangers, and a musical based on Back To The Future.
The guys start talking with Matt about his background as an artist. What led him to music, and to ska music in particular? How does he look at being in a band? What does he think about the local scene? How has art (and specifically music) helped him throughout his life? An engaging look at an incredibly nice human being.

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TRAILER: "A Million Ways to Die in the West"

Friday, March 7, 2014

Episode 149: Getting Real About Art

The 149th episode of the Chuck and Brad Podcast starts out, normally enough, with updates about Senior Discount and various productions Brad is involved in. Chuck then tells the story of a recent show experience Senior Discount had, opening for ska legends the Pilfers at Manchester 65 in Warwick RI, and the behind-the-scenes story about booking this show may surprise you (or not). Chuck is really honest here, putting it all "on front street" for Brad's (and your) edification.
This segues into a discussion about music, art, logic, comedy, and relationships over the next two hours. It's an in-depth, honest look at problems the guys are facing in their lives right now. There are also dick jokes.

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