Friday, February 13, 2015

Episode 199: The Story of Nick

Episode 199 finds the boys joined by character artist Nick Kole. Before they dive into the interview, there are some Senior Discount updates and some updates from Brad's improv scene. After that, they discuss the below Web Couliers, before advancing to movie news concerning a sequel to "Neighbors," as well as a Holiday Horror Anthology including a short film directed by Kevin Smith. Whoa mama!
The chief topic of conversation during this episode, though, is Nick Kole. We learn about Nick's background as an artist, what drew him to character design and storytelling, what Viennese Christmas celebrations are like...everything you'd expect to hear. Nick talks about his work with the companion book to Disney's Maleficent, as well as his work in dragon/wizard design for 38 Studios and EA Games/Dawngate Chronicles. It's very fun conversation as we seek to get into the brain of this fantastic artist.

Web Couliers:
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Episode 198.5: Micro-Cast - Spider-Man Joins the Marvel Universe!

WOW! The first ever "micro-cast" of the Chuck and Brad Podcast! With a Senior Discount show canceled, the boys take advantage of the free night to record their thoughts on Spider-Man being enfolded into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The microcast starts with Chuck, Brad, and Macksoud calling Patrick to talk about the upcoming 200th episode of the podcast, and the contest between Patrick and Macksoud. After that, Macksoud teaches Brad about Tinder and Chuck reveals the message that "Macksoud" sent to a woman online - gross, Macksoud.
After that? All Spider-Man, all the time. Let's hear the news and the opinions!

Web Couliers:
PICTURE: Macksoud's Tinder Pick-Up Line

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Episode 198: Ghostbusters, Project Almanac and Wrestlemania Predictions

We are joined in episode 198 by Senior Discount bassist Abe Correia and Podcast Pal/Other Band Guy Brian Decoteaux. The episode kicks off with Brian relating a terrible tragedy he experienced in the morning; good laughs are had by all (except Brian). Brad and Chuck promote their upcoming shows, including Senior Discount playing Tuesday, February 10, at DV8 in Providence.
After a quick chat about the below Web Couliers, C tells A, B, and B about some movie news, including information about release windows for the next Paranormal Activity movie and a new chapter in the Ring series. The four bozos talk about the casting of the new Ghostbusters movie and share their opinions, educated and otherwise. They talk about how the entire Wet Hot American Summer cast is coming back for the Netflix series, regardless of its beautiful unlikelihood.
Chuck then chimes in - he won this year's "Royal Rumble" bet, and the winner gets to "change VBW history" - how will he do it? The answer may surprise you! Brad and Chuck discuss the recent film Project Almanac, then Brad talks about the Less Than Jake/Reel Big Fish show he recently attended. They chat about Sunset Overdrive, Chuck talks about the new Saints Row game as well as Dying Light, then shift into mainstream pop culture mode and discuss the ending of the Super Bowl.
Once that is complete, the four stallions set their sights on Wrestlemania and discuss possible matches and storylines we'll see in the months ahead.
- Brad

Web Couliers:
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MUSIC: Streaming Fat Mike's "Home Street Home" soundtrack