Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Episode 103: Macksoud and Christmas

This year's edition of the Christmas-themed Chuck and Brad Podcast starts out on a very odd Christmas tradition: the introduction of Eric Macksoud to the Podcast Universe. Much fun is had, most of it at Eric's expense. Learn about his disgusting nickname and about a humorous sexual misadventure.

Once the Christmas discussion starts, the boys first venture into less-familiar territory, covering the Bill Murray film "Scrooged." After that, self-proclaimed "Grinch Expert" Macksoud tries to elucidate the boyz (always with a z) on both the animated and live-action Grinch films. They talk about holiday traditions and how this is Eric's first Christmas with a girlfriend to buy presents for. Chuck and Brad talk about it being kind of another downer Christmas, but remain hopeful that Christmas magic still lives inside them.

Web Couliers:
There are no Web Couliers this podcast.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Episode 102: Chuck & Pals Visit Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos

After a brief opening involving the below-listed Web Coulier, Chuck and Brad throw the meat of this week's podcast to Chuck and Dr. (?) Jordan Furtado.

Chuck and Jordan (and two other pals) recently took a trip to Stamford, CT, to see tapings of The Jerry Springer Show and The Steve Wilkos show. What happened on the way? In the waiting room? What kind of mischief did they get into on the show? Did anyone get their fifteen minutes of fame? Find out on this week's edition of The Chuck and Brad Podcast!

Web Couliers:
- VIDEO: Trailer for "Abobo's Big Adventure" game
- GAME: Abobo's Big Adventure

Episode 101: Dating, Trick 'R Treat, and Looper

After the joy of Halloween and the horror of a hurricane, Chuck and Brad return to their roots in this episode. Chuck talks about some Senior Discount projects, before going into an update on his living situation and personal life. The boys bandy about ideas for Chuck's dating life, as well as talk about Brad's inability to be part of a couple.

Once all the personal issues are past, the beautiful two(tiful) talk about two movies. The first movie is "Trick 'R Treat," a Halloween anthology movie that Brad enjoyed much more than he thought he would. (The plot of the movie is heavily discussed, so SPOILERS ABOUND.) The next movie is the much-more-recent "Looper," which is also spoiled - what do they think about that?

Web Couliers:
No Web Couliers this week!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Episode 100: Our Love For Halloween

Leaves are falling, autumn is in the air, and everything tastes like pumpkin. It must be time for Chuck and Brad to talk about Halloween! The boys are joined by Nic Hallenbeck and the trio talk (in generalities) about Halloween to start the show. They soon move on to more specific discussions about candy, costumes, movies, and specific memories of Halloweens past. When they finish, one question looms large:
Has Chuck ever been trick-or-treating?

Web Couliers:
- GAME: One Chance

Monday, September 17, 2012

Episode 99: Writing in WWE, Cancer, My Chemical Romance, and the Bad Larry show

The podcast opens with Chuck and Brad talking about Brad having to keep a "food journal" to track mysterious and unpleasant feelings in his bowels. No fun. The boyz then discuss writing in WWE, providing a lot of context to describe why they like the writing in the feud between CM Punk and John Cena (and one promo in particular). Brad then talks about a book he recently read, The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, and its subject of teenage cancer. Brad admits to often thinking about how he would react if he was diagnosed with cancer and Chuck admits he has thought about it a little.
Chuck also has some interesting news about popular punk band My Chemical Romance and their plan to release some older songs. Chuck and Brad talk about Chuck's night at the Soundoff/Bad Larry show, the fun he had and how good it made him feel. This draws the 99th episode of the Chuck and Brad podcast to a close.

Web Couliers:
- VIDEO: "Douchebag Gets Tasered By Court Security"

Monday, September 10, 2012

Episode 98: Cabin In The Woods, Chuck's Trip to "Fetish Night"

Chuck and Brad chit-chat a little bit before diving into a big topic this week - the upcoming blu-ray release of "Cabin In The Woods." Spoilers abound in their discussion, but both handsome studs agree that this is a great movie that you should totally see.
Once they spoil the whole movie and gush over how much they enjoyed it, Chuck relates the story of going out in Providence to "Fetish Night." Brad is bewildered and a little disturbed by Chuck's description of the Fetish Night crowd. The boys mention a few books they are reading/have read recently and then sign off for the week.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Episode 97: Relationships in General

Chuck and Brad dive right in to this week's podcast with two Web Couliers. Brad takes the opportunity to explain some sports rivalries and playoff structures to Chuck, who disapproves. Brad then debuts the weekly podcast feature "Patrick Dennis Is A Villain."

Chuck talks a little more about the breakup and his life post-relationship (except the relationship isn't wholly-post, so he elaborates a little bit on the difficulties that go with that). The boys discuss internet dating, then Brad gets weirdly self-pitying before they sign off for the week.

Web Couliers:
- VIDEO: Podcast Listener Chad Kafka's Google Hangout with NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers
- ARTICLE: Six True Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Episode 96: Chuck's Break-Up

There are a few positives to start this week's episode. Chuck and Brad are joined by repeat podcast guests Lou Perella, Brian Lau, and Patrick Dennis. Brad reads a letter from his future self. Those things were nice.

The heart of this episode, however, is the broken heart of Chuck Staton. In this episode, Chuck tells the story behind the break-up of his relationship with his girlfriend of five years. The guys all share their feelings on different parts of the story, as well as their feelings on general relationship topics. It's not a mean-spirited talk, it's not a boo-hoo talk, just Chuck telling the story of the break-up and how he felt throughout the process and what this means going forward.

Another positive - the episode has some raucous laughs near the end when we learn the origin of Patrick's "Slop King" nickname.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Episode 95: Catching Up On The Past Six Weeks Of Media

Another "Media Review" podcast! As the Crepe Crusaders have been busy talking about Batman and Birthdays, they've also been taking in a lot of other media, and this episode catches everyone up on their thoughts!
The Amazing Spider-Man Movie. Space Punisher. Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe. Left 4 Dead 2 DLC. The Mists of Avalon. Arkham City! Castle Crashers! Nitro Circus 3-D!!! THE ROSEANNE ROAST!!!!
Anyway, that's what this episode is about.
Web Couliers:
- VIDEO: Why Batman Is Secretly Bad For Gotham

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Episode 94: Chuck's Birthday and The War On Clutter

Chuck and Brad open the show - the second show in a row - with a discussion about birthdays. This time the focus is on Chuck's birthday and the events around it, including a faithful recollection of the amazing gifts Brad bought and created for Chuck.
Once they've successfully praised Brad's largesse, they move on to discussing physical media versus digital media, and how limited storage space has led to Brad declaring a "war on clutter" and getting rid of some old movies and games, and wondering what to do with this book collection. The two wise men discuss advantages and disadvantages of physical/digital forms of each type of media and declare who is winning the war on clutter.
Web Couliers:
- VIDEO: Zeno Documentary Kickstarter video - the first kick Brad has ever started!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Episode 93: Birthdays and The Dark Knight Rises

Chuck and Brad open the show with a discussion about birthdays. Brad, having just celebrated his, talks about the meaning behind the medium used to wish someone a happy birthday. They discuss Brad's party and Brad's friends who ignored his birthday.

The talk then moves to a very different place, as the capeless crusaders delve into the recent film "The Dark Knight Rises." They discuss the entire plot, getting the scenes MOSTLY in order and talk about their favorite and less-favorite moments of the movie. Chuck reveals how many times he teared up during the movie - the answer may shock and awe you!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Episode 92, Part 2: Brammies and Chammies Flashback: 1997 - Part 2

Chuck and Brad FLASH BACK to 1997 to discuss their lives fifteen years ago! The guys continue last week's "Brammy and Chammy" discussion with the movies from 1997 that they enjoyed! The TV shows they watched! The news stories they remembered! The women they loved! The videogames they played! It's an all-1997 podcast! Flash back with Chuck and Brad!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Episode 92: Brammies and Chammies Flashback: 1997 - Part 1

Chuck and Brad FLASH BACK to 1997 to discuss their lives fifteen years ago! In true "Brammy and Chammy" fashion, the boys start out with a lengthy discussion of their favorite music from the year and Chuck reveals an astounding fact about Busta Rhymes! As they don't remember the books they read fifteen years ago, the boyz then spend a lot of time talking about things they wrote/created during 1997, from a series of comic book adventures to some incredibly pretentious short fiction.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Episode 91: Prometheus, That's My Boy, The Summer of Ska tour

Chuck and Brad open the show with some SkyPunch and Senior Discount updates, then segue briefly into some movie news. They follow that by discussing the email from loyal listener Lou Perella. The meat of the podcasts focuses on two movies, the first of which is "Prometheus." Spoilers abound as the boys break down the plot of the movie, things they didn't understand, and things they really enjoyed.

Once they break down that science-fiction thriller, they switch gears and genres and talk about the Adam Sandler/Andy Samberg comedy "That's My Boy," a film which they saw in a sneak preview a few weeks back. They discuss some of the criticism the film has received and their opinion on that. After they discuss that, the boyz turn their attention to the recent concert featuring Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger (along with Suburban Legends and Big D & The Kids' Table). They hype next week's special "Brammies and Chammies 1997" podcast and sign off for the week. Web Couliers:
- VIDEO: "Wreck-It Ralph" Trailer
- VIDEO: "Hotel Transylvania" Trailer

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Episode 90: The Story of Mat

Chuck and Brad are joined this week by Mat Fairchild, an erstwhile VBW member. He and Chuck share memories from their youth, and Brad is appalled by the lack of concern for their physical, emotional, and spiritual health demonstrated by teenage Chuck and Mat. Many stories are shared about Mat's past, and Brad hears some new stories about the misadventures of teenage Chuck.

Web Couliers:
- VIDEO: Jack McBrayer and Triumph the Weiner Dog Visit Chicago's Weiner's Circle

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Episode 89: E3 2012

After a very brief intro, C&B discuss one movie driplet - concerning the upcoming Venom movie! Awesome! Chuck then relates an article he read about the filthy mating habits of early 20th century penguins (really).

Once those pleasantries are savored, the boys move on to a discussion of cool things from this year's Electronics Entertainment Expo. What games are they looking forward to? What blew them away? How do you use a Wii U Tablet? Answers to these questions and so many more* on this week's Chuck and Brad podcast!

* further questions about penguin sex go unanswered

Web Couliers:
- ARTICLE: The Consequences Of Caring

Monday, June 4, 2012

Episode 88: Comedy, podcasts, asexuality, and "Beefs With Brad"

Chuck and Brad open the podcast with a discussion of the Web Coulier listed below, which lead into a thorough discussion of comedians making movies. After that, Chuck offers a few Movie Driplets, and the boys talk about expectations for summer movies and the curious decision to move GI Joe to next summer to add 3-D effects. After that, Chuck brings up a "Beef With Brad," in which he takes umbrage at Brad writing that he considered purchasing an iPod to replace his broken Zune.

Chuck talks about a curious case from Japan involving a man who identifies as asexual who had his genitals removed and served them as a delicacy to paying customers. Brad is suitably disturbed. After a frank and rational discussion of cannibalism, Chuck brings up Marc Maron's WTF Podcast, and an article that summarizes the "typical" podcast. Chuck is unimpressed with the article. Episode 88 concludes with Brad relating a heretofore-unheard story in which he both embarrassed himself and demonstrates a form of snobbery.

Web Couliers:
- VIDEO: Anchorman 2 Teaser Trailers

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Episode 87: Sometimes Feelings Are Not Rational

This episode is a very candid conversation between Brad and Chuck about individual argument style, conflict resolution, and views on friendship.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Episode 86: Google Pocket, Community, and the Erosion of a Friendship

Brad opens this week on a sour note, with a brief mention of his down-in-the-dumpsness. A halfhearted endorsement for the upcoming SkyPunch show, then a discussion of this week's Web Coulier (listed below). Speaking of the Web, Chuck teaches Brad how to use the new Google Pocket program (formerly Read It Later). After that, Chuck's TV Driplet becomes a TV Drop as the boys spend quite a while discussing Dan Harmon's departure from Community.

B & C then discuss their summer DVD queue, including a documentary Brad had forgotten about until recently. The conversation then becomes heart-wrenchingly serious as Chuck details the slow erosion and potential dissolution of his ten-year friendship with Sousa.

Web Couliers:
- ARTICLE: Pro Wrestling For Auteurs

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Episode 85: Brad's Vacation, Tom Gabel's Transformation, and "The Avengers"

This week returns with an episode of "Agreeing To Disagree," as Brad re-joins the 'cast cast after his vacation. He tells Patrick and Chuck what he thought about the Brad-cast, and corrects an error or two that was made in his absence - including the TRUTH about "making out with a topless prostitute at a concert." Chuck offers some movie/TV droplets of information, which the boys discuss for a while. Following that, we learn about Brad's recent trip, including several chuckle-worthy moments.

Once the personal stuff is out of the way, attention shifts to the big news from the world of punk music from this past week - Against Me! singer Tom Gabel has announced that he is transgendered, and will begin living life as a woman. After some in-depth discussion about transgenderism and their feelings toward the announcement, they move on to the last topics - the double feature of "The Dictator" and "The Avengers." Find out their thoughts this week!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Episode 84: The Chuck and Pat Brad-cast

Chuck Staton and relative Patrick Dennis decide to do a podcast in Brad's absence - but not just any podcast, a "Brad-cast". The queer-eyed cousins join together with some rickety old recording equipment (not the typical "Agreeing to Disagree" set-up) and an overly sexual guest to reminisce about their favorite friend: Bradley Rohrer.

The pals have a difficult time coming up with interesting stories about Brad, and spend most of the Brad-cast doing impressions and teasing each other like school childen.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Episode 83: Holograms, Ikea, and the Boston Comic-Con

Chuck and Brad open the podcast talking about some excellent purchases they've recently made, and Brad somehow thinks that owning a plush towel makes him a rich person. They discuss their Web Couliers (listed below) before moving on to a discussion of the Tupac "hologram" at the Coachella music festival. Chuck continues his weekly segment regarding movie driplets, and Brad shares a story about his visit to a mega-church.

Chuck talks about his trip to Ikea and Brad learns that cinnamon rolls are not free there, disappointing him greatly. The boys segue into a conversation about using nationalistic names to refer to groups of people and whether or not this is a racist practice. Brad brags about finishing Mass Effect 3 and doesn't see a huge problem with the ending, unlike much of the internet. The boys lament their lack of knowledge regarding music released in 2012, then proceed to talk about negative customer service experiences with Verizon. After that nonsense leaves their systems, Chuck regales Brad with the tale of his trip to Boston Comic-Con, closing out the podcast for the week.

Web Couliers:
- ARTICLE: The Making of "Homer At The Bat"
- VIDEO: The Brain Farm Digital Sizzle Reel

Monday, April 16, 2012

Episode 82: Pranking, Morgan Freeman, and the Comic-Con movie

After a brief catch-up between the pals (who honestly spent most of the weekend together), we get Chuck's Web Couliers (listed below). Chuck's Movie Driplet this week concerns Morgan Freeman's possible nuptials with his step-granddaughter, fifty or so years his junior. Chuck follows that salacious tidbit with the news of a new Mario game for the Wii U - Chuck and Brad are both excited.

After last week's discussion of the Patrick prank, Brad initiates a conversation about the theory behind pranking, and what is and isn't okay. Chuck has some hard news about the NextIssue app for Android devices, then the boys finish this week by discussing their trip to see "Comic-Con, Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" by director Morgan Spurlock (and Spurlock's Q&A after the film).

Web Couliers:
- VIDEO: Joel McHale's 3DS Commercial
- VIDEO: Caine's Arcade
- VIDEO: Titanic Super 3-D

Monday, April 9, 2012

Episode 81: Chuck's Trip To PAX East, and Various Other Entertainment Tidbits

Chuck and Brad start out with some Easter banter, then talk about the recent SkyPunch show. Chuck has a few movie dripets to share, then talks about his weekend at PAX East - the Penny Arcade eXpo East. He shares some amusing anecdotes about his evening with Patrick and his respective pals, including a wart-related prank.

PAX itself was a lot of fun for Chuck. Some of the highlights included the Castle Crashers' Guys' booth, new Kid Icarus footage for the 3DS, the Lollipop Chainsaw bus, and Chuck's rising excitement level for Max Payne 3. Chuck also talked about his recent trip to see Kevin James do stand-up and the enjoyment of that.

The boys then discuss a Boston-area crackdown on moshing at local venues, "Bully" receiving a PG-13 rating, and the Dan Harmon/Chevy Chase dust-up and fall-out.

Web Couliers:
- VIDEO: Taco Bell Drive in Google’s Self-Driving Car
- VIDEO: Rock Band Blitz Announcement

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Episode 80: The Revival Tour, Movie News, and Chuck Pimps Someone Else's Podcast

Chuck and Brad start out by updating the listeners on the world(s?) of SkyPunch and Senior Discount. Chuck then offers some small pieces of movie news, which he cleverly (?) refers to as "Movie Driplets." Covered? "Triplets," the "Hannibal" TV show, "Anvil 2," "Bully," and the upcoming "Mars Attacks" musical. Following that, the boys offer their reviews of the Adrien Brody vehicle "Wrecked," as well as the documentary "Freakonomics."
Chuck talks about another podcast he's been listening to, the "Tell 'Em Steve-Dave" podcast on the SModcast network. Chuck and Brad recap a recent trip to the Revival Tour, an concert series that features punk rock singers playing acoustic sets, backed up by violin and stand-up bass. Brad then closes the show with a tale of young love gone awry...and yes, he has a poem to accompany this tale. Oh dear indeed.

Web Couliers:
- NO FUN AT ALL: The Room Selection Videos Brad had to create for work
- SONG: Tom Gabel's "Black Me Out"
- VIDEO: A show from a previous Revival Tour

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Episode 79: Comedy, Politics, Olivia Munn, and Ninja Turtles

Chuck and Brad start out by updating the listeners on the goings-on of Senior Discount and SkyPunch. Next up is a thorough discussion of the Web Couliers listed below.
Chuck describes the blu-ray extras for the film "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo," then the boys crack wise about Olivia Munn's very explicit text messages (that were hacked from her phone). Chuck mentions an upcoming DVD from punk band The Lawrence Arms and how much he's looking forward to it.
The boys then ponder why they discuss movies, tv, music, and games and don't really delve into politics. Equally important - the upcoming Michael Bay-produced Ninja Turtles movie provides a different origin story than the previous movies! Following that, Chuck talks about the reboot of the MTV show Punk'd.
Two personal stories close the show - one story recapping the recent trip to see a Kevin Smith Q&A in Boston, and one story about an awkward situation at work for Brad.

Web Couliers:
- VIDEO: Aziz Ansari Stand-Up Special Commercial
- VIDEO: Travis Barker and Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
- WEBSITE: The Chive
- GAME: Angry Birds Space

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Episode 78: We Act Our Ages: Videogames and Teen Movies

Chuck and Brad start out by updating the listeners on the goings-on of Senior Discount and SkyPunch. After that, they get to an email from occasional guest Aaron Arcello about the new Will Ferrell movie. "Arch," as he's commonly known, also asks about comedic devices, which sends the boys on one of their many tangents.
Chuck brings a few tidbits of movie news, including Paranormal Activity 4 and a re-release of Jurassic Park into theaters. Also, some strange news involving WWE Films and the "Leprechaun" films. Have you seen "Miss March?" Chuck talks about that!
Chuck then talks about some demos he recently played on Xbox Live and advises you on which ones to check out. Speaking of video games, Chuck talks about some odd feelings regarding the Saints Row series.
SPOILER ALERT: Chuck reviews Project X at length. He spoils the whole thing, seriously. But his thoughts on the movie are unique and thought-out, which is more than can be said about most of what Brad brought to this episode.

Web Couliers:
- ARTICLE: The Original Concept For Saints Row 3
- VIDEO: A Trailer for the South Park Game
- VIDEO: "Casa De Mi Padre" Trailer (Special Bonus Coulier from Listener Arcello!)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Episode 77: Back to the Format: A Look at Movies, Music, and More

After three horribly depressing podcasts, the screwsome twosome is back with their typical format of reviewing far too much media. The show opens with some web couliers - a look at cool things on the web. Chuck then talks about the show that Senior Discount recently played with The Toasters. Brad follows that with a question about what attracts people to particular artists and particular art, which Chuck and Brad discuss at length.

Chuck goes on about Smokin' Aces, boldly declaring it his favorite action movie of all time (Brad's favorite action movie? "The Land Before Time.") (Not true, he's never seen it.) A juicy tidbit of movie news gives Chuck a movie boner, then the boys laugh about a different bit of news involving Nicolas Cage.

Brad then laments his lack of crushes, as every girl he's been sort of interested in lately has let him down. Chuck talks about two recent movies, and offers his opinion on the new season of The Walking Dead and a book called "Super I Am 8 Bit." Some TV talk occupies the boys next, as they briefly touch on Comic Book Men, Awake, and Touch.

On to movies, as we learn what the handsome fellas thought of their sneak peek of "21 Jump Street," before Chuck reviews some DVD's he's seen recently, including a very rare "avoid this movie" recommendation. The book Countdown to Lockdown by Mick Foley comes up, then a quick talk about Mario Kart 7. The show ends with a recap of the boyz' (with a z!) trip to RAW in Boston.

Web Couliers:
- TEXT: The 7 Stupidest Things That Make People Proud
- APP: Draw Something (Android)
- LETTER: We Liked You Better When You Were Fat (Patrick Stump) (Part 1 of 2)
- LETTER: In Response To Patrick Stump (Brendan Kelly) (Part 2 of 2)
- VIDEO: "Community" Web Shorts
- TRAILER: Comic-Con: Episode IV: A Fan's Hope

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Episode 76: Our Terrible 2011 - Part 3 (Clarifications)

The unplanned part three of the Terrible 2011 Podcast brings the dismal year to a close. In this, Chuck and Brad seek to clarify some salient points about the two previous podcasts. If you had a question about an incident, point, happening, or circumstance, they probably addressed it - along with an odd aside about depression.

This well and truly does close the (audio)book on 2011. As always, if you have questions or what to hear the boyz chat about something, email

Next podcast - we resume our regularly scheduled yapfest.

Web Couliers:
There are no web couliers this week, as it would be a sad, sad, sad trip to whatever ridiculous website we advised you to visit.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Episode 75: Our Terrible 2011 - Part 2 (July through December)

Part two of the Terrible 2011 Podcast continues with Chuck's July, and the beginning of his spine problems, which certainly colored the whole year. In addition, former Senior Discount guitarist Tom's arrest cast a pall on the already pall-covered year, costing the band thousands of dollars and an unknowable amount of heartache.

Note - Although it seems like this wraps up the terrible 2011 series of podcasts, there is a third that seeks to clarify points from throughout the year. Watch for that next week.

Web Couliers:
There are no web couliers this week, as it would be a sad, sad, sad trip to whatever ridiculous website we advised you to visit.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Episode 74: Our Terrible 2011 - Part 1 (January through July)

2011 was not our greatest year, our wasted year, or our orphan year. It was certainly the worst year of Chuck's life, possibly the worst year of Brad's life, and absolutely the worst year ever for Senior Discount. Listen to Chuck and Brad discuss the frustrations, miseries, degradation, and overall terribleness that was 2011.

Part one of the surprisingly lengthy (or not-surprisingly-lengthy if you were around last year) podcast proceed chronologically from a van stuck in the mud on January 1 all the way through Brad's half of July. Part two is coming soon.

Web Couliers:
There are no web couliers this week, as it would be a sad, sad, sad trip to whatever ridiculous website we advised you to visit.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Episode 73: Chuck and Brad Go On Vacation(s)

During the month of January, Chuck and Brad each went on vacation. After a group trip to the Museum of the Moving Image, Brad visited Indiana, and Chuck went to Florida. Something happened during each of their trips that would change them.......forever!

Web Couliers:
- ARTICLE: The 7 Stupidest Things That Make People Proud

Song List Here (this link is only functional on podcast website)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Episode 72, Part 2: Brammies and Chammies 2011 Part 2

Chuck and Brad discuss some of their favorite things from the calendar year 2011. In this episode, the snow bound no-hounds talk about their favorite music, movies, and some things from their personal lives.

Web Couliers:
There are no Web Couliers for this podcast. It's the Brammies and Chammies, fool!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Episode 72: Brammies and Chammies 2011 Part 1

Chuck and Brad discuss some of their favorite things from the calendar year 2011. In this episode, the local yokels talk about their favorite books, TV shows, and music.

Web Couliers:
There are no Web Couliers for this podcast. It's the Brammies and Chammies, sucka!

Song List Here (this link is only functional on podcast website)