Sunday, December 22, 2013

Episode 140: Christmas 2013!

The 140th episode of the Chuck and Brad podcast is a festive one! It's time for the boys' annual Christmas Podcast, accompanied once again by Eric "Yukon Cornelius" Macksoud. The gleesome threesome begin with updates about Eric's band and Chuck's band playing some upcoming shows. After that, Chuck presents an email that was sent in by a special listener and everyone's heart grows three sizes.
Brad and Chuck tell the story behind their Christmas Surprise - a recording of "Holly Jolly Christmas" with alternate lyrics. A link is below, and the song itself is featured at the end of the podcast. Once those beans are well and truly spilled, Macksoud tells a story about a disturbing lovemaking experience he once had.
Back into Christmas stuff they dive! Headfirst, directly into the subject of the Perfect Christmas Playlist and Chuck's ongoing quest to find it. Once new songs are discussed, Chuck and Macksoud exchange gifts. Chuck then talks about the DLC for Saints Row 4 entitled "How The Saints Saved Christmas." Brad then talks about how he hasn't really celebrated in the same way as he has during previous years and they talk about why that is. Finally, Chuck recaps VBW Christmas events over the past decade.

MUSIC: "Holly Jolly Christmas (Gutterpup Version)" by the Chuck and Brad podcast

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Episode 139: Kindness, Snow, and Workplace Misbehavior

Episode 139 of Agreeing to Disagree starts with Brad talking about some improv things going on, and Chuck follows with some Senior Discount updates - including a plug for the upcoming Ska Goes Solo show. Chuck then offers an exciting driplet about the Spider-Man universe expansion and our two hosts salivate a little.

Brad tells Chuck about #RAKit day - a promotion run by a website known as The Chive, including some irrational fears he has about the process. Chuck and Brad discuss a Christmassy event they recently attended, then Brad segues smoothly into a story about snow removal during his time at Walgreens. He tells a long story about a former manager, then he and Chuck swap stories about their time at previous jobs. The podcast closes with a brief discussion about the recent WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay-per-view.

There are no Web Couliers this week.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Episode 138: Fighting Negativity. Also, Movie News!

The 138th episode of the Chuck and Brad podcast starts innocently enough. Chuck asks Brad how he is doing. Brad mentions some improv news, then our two lovable scamplike hosts start talking about the negativity they've seen lately. It starts with Paul Walker's passing and social media reaction thereto. They talk about women in media in 2013. They talk about local bands and support. They talk about a terrible experience at a local eatery. They talk about Spike Lee's "Oldboy."
Then, of course, they move on to what's up with Chuck. Chuck plugs the new Senior Discount album and an upcoming show (see Web Couliers below). Then it's time for movie news! What do they think of Wonder Woman appearing in the Superman/Batman movie? What's the deal with the red band trailer for "Nymphomaniac?" Ooh, is that the trailer for "Amazing Spider-Man 2?" Other X-Men movie news follows, then they discuss the film adaptation of "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark."

MUSIC: Ska Goes Solo Tour
MUSIC: Senior Discount's Christmas Medley (2010)
MUSIC: Bad Religion - Christmas Songs
TRAILER: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Episode 137: WWE Survivor Series, Senior Discount at Lupo's, and Shooting Guns

On episode 137 of the Chuck and Brad Podcast, Chuck's kitchen gets very crowded as the guyzos are joined by sultry sweetheart Gina Mastrostefano, sweaty sweetheart Nic Hallenbeck, and salt-loving sweetheart Patrick Dennis for a long talk about what they've been up to recently!
After a listener email about Christmas and some updates from C and B, Chuck opens up a new segment called "Fairchy In Crisis" and he and Brad bemoan the twisted fate of frequent podcast guest Mat Fairchild. Chuck and Brad then display a rare sense of continuity with an update from episode 136 - what do Chuck and Brad, media gluttons, think of their new Xbox One consoles?
The guys and Gina talk about their trip to Hartford to see the documentary "Broadway Idiot." Was the documentary worth watching, or a waste of time? Also, hear some hilarious anecdotes about local naif Eric Macksoud! Continuing their weekend jaunts, they talk about their trip to see the WWE Pay-Per-View "Survivor Series" in Boston, and discuss some strange ethical quandaries they found themselves in.
Chuck then talks about Senior Discount's return to Lupo's and some struggles the band has had recently in terms of local support. Have they left the scene behind, or has the scene left them behind? Finally, Nic, Patrick, Chuck and Brad discuss their recent trip to Mass Firearms School to learn how to shoot guns - who earned the title of "Quack Shot?" Also, how much money did Chuck spend on soup at the New England Soup Factory? More than you'd think!

TRAILER: Senior Discount's album trailer

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Episode 136: Pearl Jam, Bad Grandpa, and Ender's Game

Long-awaited episode 136 finds us with the "classic" line-up of Chuck and Brad. After several weeks away, the goo-some twosome kick it off with some updates on Brad's comedy life and Senior Discount - Show at Lupo's November 27, hit up for pre-sale tickets!
Chuck starts with some Web Couliers (listed below) and an extended overview of some recent episodes of Marc Maron's WTF Podcast. He mentions some Movie Driplets, including confusing Chris Klein and Chris Pine. He reveals some information Johnny Knoxville gave out regarding the filming of Bad Grandpa. Chuck also tells two small, odd stories involving Paramore.
Chuck and Brad discuss their trip to see Pearl Jam play in Hartford a few weeks ago. What did Chuck think of Brad's favorite band? They then go into a discussion of their thoughts on the movie Bad Grandpa, before talking about the two shows Senior Discount played with The Toasters. C&B saw Matthew Perry speak at the University of Rhode Island - what happened there? How did that trip turn Chuck (and Brad?) into "panty freaks?!" Chuck and Brad talk about their recent spate of radio/podcast interviews, before discussing the movie "Ender's Game." The podcast ends with the boys looking forward to picking up their Xbox One consoles this weekend!
Note from Chuck: "My opinion is that this episode should have been called 'World War Pork Chop and Sting Acts Offended'".

PODCAST: Marc Maron's WTF Podcast
PODCAST: Chuck and Brad on The Tony Jones Show
PODCAST: Chuck and Brad on The Comic's Corner (episode 28)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Episode 135: "An Affair Gone Awry" and Halloween

The 135th episode of the Chuck and Brad Podcast finds the boys joined in "studio" by local villains Brian Decoteaux and Nic Hallenbeck. After all four pimp their own projects (Bands! Comedy! Other Stuff!), Chuck begins telling a tale so terrible it could only be told in the spookiest month of the year!!!!! SHIVER with terror as Chuck spins a yarn of dating a twenty-one year-old in the modern world! QUAKE with fear when you learn about the illogical ways in which this young lady acted! Your SPINE with TINGLE when you hear about a heartbreakingly frigid response to a beautifully honest and well-written letter! (We're talking PERFECT grammar, here!!)
Once the guys are done wetting themselves, they talk about some Halloween topics, including the movie "Hocus Pocus" (and which witch they'd bang), Sexy Costumes (and which sexy costumed girl they'd bang), then the idea of sexy costumes for the four of well as some more realistic costume ideas. They also talk about the "pumpkin takeover" of the autumn season and yearn for the simple days gone by, when apple was the flavor of the masses. They finish by talking about festiveness and how important it is to keep the spirit of Halloween alive in your heart all throughout the year and forever.

There are no Web Couliers for this episode.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Episode 134: Insecurities and Song Meanings

Episode 134 of the Chuck and Brad Podcast kicks off with some scintillating Senior Discount updates, as well as a plea from Brad to come see some improv shows.
Brad talks about a recent trip back to Indiana, and a realization that occurred to him while he was there - sometimes, he can be a pretty funny guy. C&B talk about why he doesn't feel like this all the time, and that discussion segues into a talk about creating art and not finding it appreciated.
That art discussion somehow (really, I have no idea) meanders into talk of organization, of keeping records of texts, calls, chats, etc. From THERE, the guys jump to song meanings, and discuss songs by the Misfits, Lagwagon, Senior Discount, and Lemon-Lime Tennis Shoes.

There are no Web Couliers for this episode.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Episode 133: Dissecting the "Child's Play" Series

In true Halloween spirit, this episode brings you the whole twisted tale of Charles Lee Ray, a murderer who injected his soul into the body of a doll, as a final desperate way to live on. This is the story of "Child's Play".
Chuck, along with killer-doll-sized guest Molly Mercado, sit young Master Brad down and tell him the entire saga of the six movies that star "Chucky" the murderous toy (including the brand new "Curse of Chucky" that was released straight-to-DVD this week!).
The podcast is filled to the gills with spoilers for this movie series that started 25 years ago.

There are no Web Couliers for this episode.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Episode 132: Fall TV, S*D Announcement, and Belonging

Episode one hundred and thirty-two (really!) starts out slowly. Like, oddly so. Some strange banter about autumn and the guys' favorite things. From there, the "Kafka's Tacos" joke continues to be beat into the ground - you're welcome, Chad. That slides smoothly into some hype for Brad's upcoming improv performances.
The dynamite-ic duo talk about Fall TV and shows they are excited for. Brad starts talking about how his TV viewing habits have changed and why they have changed. This leads to a deep conversation about creating art and putting it out there for others to consume, appreciate, and eviscerate.
Next comes a HUGE announcement about upcoming Senior Discount news! LISTEN!
The podcast closes with Chuck and Brad talking about their senses of "belonging" with different groups throughout their life. It gets real, and real honest. An interesting look inside the minds of two of the most handsome, well-adjusted men on the planet today.

There are no Web Couliers for this episode.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Episode 131: Jamaican Strippers, Dating, and 180's

Chuck and Brad are joined by local hooligan Mat Fairchild on episode 131 of the C&B P-cast. As this is continued from the previous week, there may be a bit of jarring transition for loyal listeners.
In any event, this episode starts out with Chuck and Mat telling a story about an encounter with a Jamaican stripper. This is a NEGATIVE interaction with a stripper, very different than Chuck's normal interactions with women who take their clothes off for money.
It gets a little more somber, as Chuck talks about a dating relationship gone awry. The guyzos talk about doing "180's" on different issues in their lives. Did the guys ever completely change their stance on something important? Did Brad really do a 270?

There are no Web Couliers for this episode.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Episode 130: Superman Lives, GTA 5, and Spam Emails

Chuck and Brad are joined by local roustabout Mat Fairchild on episode 130 of the C&B P-cast. The three hooligans start with discussions of Chuck's upcoming acoustic performance and Brad's upcoming Halloween Improv show. Chuck reads a listener email from old pal Nic and Mat teaches Chuck and Brad basic gun safety.
Chuck talks about a movie driplet (which is also one of the Web Couliers listed below) - the documentary about the movie "Superman Lives." This leads to quick research on Nicolas Cage and his copy of Action Comics #1. Why do people think Nic Cage is crazy?
Chuck breaks the news ("breaks" being a loose term) that Grand Theft Auto 5 made $800 million dollars on its first day of release. The guys talk about the budget for the game and a little bit of gameplay. Chuck then talks about Mario Joyner's script idea and its accompanying Kickstarter - seems like an awesome project.
Episode 130 finishes with Chuck's new favorite segment "Shut the Fuck Up." What gets Chuck's patented wit this time? Spam emails, and the people who complain about them.

VIDEO: Teaser for the "Fat Wreck Chords" Documentary
VIDEO: Kid Snippets: Math Class
VIDEO: Superman Lives Documentary Teaser

Friday, September 13, 2013

Episode 129: The Oddball Comedy Fest, "Brad's Latina Honey," and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

The podcast begins with updates about Senior Discount shows and Brad's upcoming Halloween improv shows. Chuck follows that with some movie driplets about Jurassic Park 4's rebranding and some casting questions about Fast and Furious 7.
Much of this week's episode deals with the guyzos' trip to the Oddball Comedy Festival to see headliners Dave Chapelle and Flight of the Conchords. Chuck and Brad break down their experience as it relates to comedy, the comics, their pal B Lau's birthday, texting during events...just the whole gamut.
Next, Brad tells a story of meeting and vaguely romancing an attractive Latina woman. Will this result in true "amor" for Brad? Only time will tell!
This episode closes with Chuck reading the history of popular hip-hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, which leads to a discussion about independent artists and success.
Also, the new term "Fart Police" is invented and used regularly.

There are no Web Couliers this week.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Episode 128: Franco Roast, "Artificial Intelligence," and Comfort Animals

A short episode this week! Wow! We start with some very brief Senior Discount announcements hyping two upcoming shows. Chuck, Brad, and guest Abe Correia talk about the recent Comedy Central Roast of James Franco. Following that, Chuck talks about a recently-released script for a 2002 Batman/Superman script that was never made. The three geeks agree to read the script and offer notes.
Chuck then rehashes the movie "AI: Artificial Intelligence," a film neither Brad nor Abe has seen recently. Chuck talks about the creepiness and sadness of the movie and Abe and Brad almost cry. Brad offers a recent development from his work life and the pals talk about "comfort animals" and their place in modern society.
Chuck segues beautifully into the second appearance of his new segment "Shut the Fuck Up," and people's outrage over a line from the song "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke. How offensive IS the word "bitch?"
This episode closes with Chuck reading, verbatim, an online personal ad that Brad found on an online dating site. Oh dear.

There are no Web Couliers this week.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Episode 127: Band Documentaries, Modern Relationships, and a Review of the Live Podcast

The episode starts with Brad bumming us all out by talking about how he's been incredibly depressed lately. Cheer up, Brad. Eat a KitKat or something. Senior Discount updates follow, with the teaser of bigger announcements to follow soon. The below Web Coulier is talked about, and listener mail is answered.
Chuck brings some Movie Driplets to the table - 12 Monkeys as a TV show, a new movie from the director of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Amy Schumer getting a movie deal. The boys talk about the upcoming Green Day documentary Broadway Idiot, and then have a long discussion about the upcoming documentary about the band Leftover Crack.
Switching both genres and media, C&B chat about the news that Aziz Ansari will be writing a relationship book, and share some of their modern relationship woes. In addition, Chuck shares the sad story of the mobile game that was downloaded 50,000 times...and paid for a mere 144 times.
Chuck then offers a new segment, tastefully and creatively titled "Shut the Fuck Up," in which he discusses gripes people have and tells those people what he thinks of their opinions. (It involves them shutting the fuck up.)
This episode closes with a review of the live podcast (episode 126, coming soon to video), and a discussion about the work that went into it, the pride felt by our handsome hosts, and whether or not we're planning another one.
VIDEO: Avengers Animatics

Episode 126: The First Live Episode - The Vomitty Vixen, the Birth of Noni Macksoud, and Christmas Postcard Pranks on Brad

Episode 126 was recorded live on August 23rd, 2013 in Providence, RI at the AS220. It's available on DVD at

Here's the trailer for the DVD:

Here's a clip from performance called "Brad's Christmas Cards Prank":

Friday, August 16, 2013

Episode 125: Negativity and Art

Chuck and Brad are joined in Episode 125 by local scalawag Brian Decoteaux from the Candace Brooks Band. The three gleefully chat about the first Web Coulier listed below, before Brad relates the tragic tale of a game purchase gone bad. They talk about other media experiences they've had that haven't gone so well, which leads neatly into the next segment: Chuck's Petty Printouts.
Chuck discusses a minor disagreement he had with a young fan (?) online. B, C, and B talk about the overreaction and about being a heel on stage. Chuck and Brad then discuss the upcoming live podcast and discuss some plans for it, as well as their promotional strategy. A very brief discussion of Character Brad closes the show.
VIDEO: 'Jesse and the Rippers' on Jimmy Fallon
VIDEO: Senior Discount at the House of Blues

Friday, August 9, 2013

Episode 124: Chuck and Brad Go Speed Dating

This "very special episode" of the Chuck and Brad podcast features celebrity power couple Lou and Laura Perella. The lovebirds with matching mustaches are present to hear Chuck and Brad recap their adventures at a recent "speed dating" event. Were the boys successful in their quest for new ladies in their lives? How did Brad and Chuck's views on the ladies match up? And how many high-fives is "too many" in a six-minute conversation? All this and more on episode 124!

There are no web couliers this week.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Episode 123: Ender's Game and Rolling Stone

The 123rd edition of Agreeing to Disagree begins with Senior Discount updates. Chuck elucidates the audience on upcoming shows in Boston and Providence, as well as a Chuck Staton acoustic performance in the near future! Equally as exciting is an announcement about a future podcast-related event!
The boys dive into the Web Couliers, possibly assigning frequent podcast listener "Classless Chad Kafka" a new career. After that, Chuck brings his "industry insider" viewpoint with some movie news relating to the announcement of Man of Steel 2, a viral website for the next "Planet of the Apes" movie, and the next movie by the Jackass guys, Bad Grandpa.
Chuck and Brad announce their campaign to "End Burrito Skimpage."
More news is bandied about, as the dynamic duo tackle the recently-announced Family Guy/Simpsons crossover and what it means for both shows. They talk about Chuck Palahniuk's sequel to Fight Club, which will be produced as a graphic novel. C&B titter about James Franco being named Comedy Central's newest roastee.
The two major topics of the week are explored next. First, the controversy surrounding the upcoming Ender's Game movie and the furor surrounding the author of the original story's views on gay marriage. Can the artist be separated from the art? Will the one-fortieth of a cent that gets to the author from one ticket sale make a difference? Following that, the boyz discuss the Boston Bomber being on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and what (if anything) that means. Also, Chuck passionately defends film star Mike Myers.

VIDEO: Iron Man 3 - How It Should Have Ended
MUSIC: Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! - True Trans Acoustic EP - Free Download

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Episode 122: Brammies and Chammies FLASHBACK - 1998, Part 2

Episode 122 of the podcast is part TWO of the second annual "Flashback" Brammies and Chammies. Charge up your flux capacitors, and get ready to head fifteen years back in time to 1998! This episode features our heroes talking about their favorite music and games of 1998, as well as the most important occurrences in their lives at the time! Listen and get uncomfortably close to Charles and Bradtholomew!

There are no Web Couliers this week. It's the Brammies and Chammies, son!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Episode 121: Brammies and Chammies FLASHBACK: 1998, Part 1

Episode 121 of the podcast is part one of the second annual "Flashback" Brammies and Chammies. Charge up your flux capacitors, and get ready to head fifteen years back in time to 1998! This episode features our heroes talking about their favorite movies, games and music of 1998! What movie got "Worst Movie" (as we call it, "Poopiest Turd")?? Listen and find out!

There are no Web Couliers this week. It's the Brammies and Chammies, son!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Episode 120: This Is The End, Man of Steel, Dan Soder, and Mick Foley

Episode 120 features the wonderful and multicolor-coiffed Cindy Montville joining Chuck and Brad! After some Senior Discount updates - including TWO show announcements! - and a discussion of the below Web Couliers, C&B dive into some live events they've recently attended. They discuss rising comedic star Dan Soder's set at Nick's Comedy Stop in Boston and review it thoroughly. Once that is done, the boyz can invite Cindy to join the discussion about recent movie "This Is The End." How do they feel about the comedic vehicle starring podcast fans James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, and Jonah Hill?
Once that is done, they talk about Mick Foley's recent show in Fairhaven, and how the Hardcore Legend/New York Times bestselling author is an entertaining storyteller in person. Brad laments not making more of an impression while in line for Mick's autograph. Finally, the three pals talk about the new Superman film "Man of Steel." (Note: Brad almost kills Chuck during this segment, I believe. Unintentionally.) They discuss the burdens of films that have to tell origin stories and how this movie raises the bar for fight scenes in superhero movies. A very fun podcast, brought to you by the good people at America Online.

ARTICLE: Atari Dump Excavation
ARTICLE: Top Ten Reasons Boba Fett Killed Luke Skywalker's Aunt and Uncle

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Episode 119: Lost Episode #1 - The Chuck, the Lizard, and the Frivolous Firing

Episode 119 is a VERY special episode of the Chuck and Brad podcast. This recording was made just over a year ago and was "lost" - until now! Hear the shocking truth behind Chuck's departure from Moviestop! Recorded fresh after it happened! Released now! WOWZERS!!!!!!!

There are no Web Couliers this week.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Episode 118: E3 2013 - Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo

Episode 118 of the podcast features special guests Abe Correia and Wade Bernier. The four cool studs (not "drool duds" as detractors have called them) discuss the recent Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3). The four horsemen start by talking about Microsoft's press conference, discussing some of the Xbox One's announced features, and provide pros and cons for these features. They talk about the Xbox 360, and also some Microsoft exclusives.
From there, the conversation moves to Sony's press conference. Some brief discussion of PS3 releases, then they chat about the Playstation 4, and the advantages (and disadvantages) it displays compared to the Xbox One.
Once Sony is dissected, the four connect about the Nintendo announcement of upcoming games for the Wii U. They're all excited for the games you'd think they'd be excited for. The podcast closes with all four offering their thoughts on next-gen systems.

There are no Web Couliers this week.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Episode 117: Chuck Staton's High School Journal and the new "Star Trek"

Episode 117 of the C&B PC (as the cool kids call it) opens with C and B (as the nerds call them) discussing the upcoming video game Payday 2, then segue into a discussion on purchasing games for systems that have already had their successors announced.
After that, some entertainment tidbits are covered. Fat Mike will be recording with Against Me! for an unnamed project! Wow! What do Brad and Chuck think about Dan Harmon's return to Community? And what did the boyz think of the new Star Trek movie?
Recently, Chuck found a journal he kept (by the side of the bed) during his senior year of high school and first year after he graduated. Stories he shares through the words of his 17 and 18-year-old self include the story of his first kiss, an almost-hookup, and his first....other experiences with girls. He shares some sad, sexy, and some sexy-yet-sad stories from that time period as well, all described with the grace and restraint of a teenager writing something that's not designed for public consumption. Enjoy!

There are no Web Couliers this week.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Episode 116: The Hangover Series and The Fast and the Furious Saga

Chuck and Brad are joined by local rascal Mat Fairchild for this edition of the podcast. After some good-natured joshing, Chuck tells the conclusion to last week's story involving the "Green Jell-o" series of shows and some fallout from that. Chuck unveils a new Brad taunt that Brad totally falls for.
Once that is complete, Chuck and Brad review "The Hangover" series of films. There are plenty of spoilers from the first two, and extremely mild spoilers for the most recent Hangover movie, still in theaters.
Following that is an exhaustive review of the "The Fast and the Furious" saga to this point. All six of the movies are discussed and reviewed at length (although some plot details are a bit fuzzy). Seriously, the plots for all six are discussed, so if you don't want the plots of these movies spoiled for you, watch the movies, THEN listen to this episode.
Also, Chuck and Brad get Mat to shoot milk out of his nose. Coffee milk. Seriously.

There are no Web Couliers this week.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Episode 115: The Green Jello Saga, Penn & Teller, and Xbox One

Episode 115 begins with Chuck discussing the events surrounding two recent Senior Discount shows. It is complicated and sad, as many things tend to be. The podcast takes an upturn as the boyz discuss their trip to Connecticut to see a Penn & Teller show (although the circumstances surrounding that are complicated and sad).
From there, the rest of the podcast deals with the announcement of the new console from Microsoft, the Xbox One. What does Chuck think of the "no backwards compatibility" portion of the announcement? Check out the podcast and find out! (But seriously, he hates it.)

There are no Web Couliers this week.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Episode 114: You Call That A Blandjob? This Is Plain With Yourself

Episode 114 is the long-awaited "Bland-Off" between Brad and Podcast Guest Wade Bernier!
True to his devious ways, Chuck has come up with a way to determine which of his pals has a blander palate! Chuck invites gal-pal Cindy Montville on as a "normie" and asks Cindy, Wade, and Brad if they would or would not eat different foods. We keep score and determine who has the closed-est mind (and mouth) of the group!
Seriously, we name a bunch of foods and determine whether or not we like it. It's glorious, but be will get hungry.

There are no Web Couliers this week.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Episode 113: Iron Man 3, Video Game Writing, and support among artists

Episode 113 starts out with some blasts from the past/future, as Chuck and Brad talk about the rescheduled Senior Discount show, which was technically Thursday night (May 9), but the podcast was recorded on May 8th. Much time travel merriment is had.
Chuck and Brad discuss the below Web Coulier - a trailer for the upcoming movie "Ender's Game." Brad is cautiously optimistic. Chuck does not like space.
Chuck's movie driplet this week spawns a side conversation - isn't it awesome that Marvel president Kevin Feige can praise DC movies and hope for their success? And that Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams helped with the third act of Iron Man 3?
Once that is done, the boys talk about writing in video games. Brad is particularly enamored with the writing in Bioshock: Infinite, and they discuss games they've played that they really got into the story.
The meat of the podcast, however, is a hearty discussion about their trip to Boston to see Iron Man 3. We learn about Brad's increasing desire to go to sleep early as well as Chuck's passion for filet mignon potato skins. They discuss the movie in general terms before announcing a hearty and healthy spoiler alert and then discussing the film in depth.
The podcast ends with Brad admitting to a failure in his personal life and apologizing for it to Chuck.

VIDEO: Trailer for "Ender's Game"

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Episode 112: Daredevil, Jay & Silent Bob, and the power of music

This week's episode of the Chuck and Brad podcast finds Chuck and Brad joking about new names for body parts. Gross new names. After a Senior Discount update about the upcoming show (May 9th!), the boys talk about the below Web Couliers.
Chuck brings up a movie driplet - the rights to the Daredevil character have reverted back to Marvel Studios - what does that mean going forward? Speculation!
Last week, Chuck and Brad went to see the new animated film Jay and Silent Bob's Super-Groovy Cartoon Movie. They discuss it at length (spoilers abound, I guess), and talk about the Q&A with director Kevin Smith and Producer Jason Mewes that occurred after the showing. The most riveting part of any podcast ever comes next, as the boyz discuss their trip to...a local soup restaurant!!! Wowza! Brad brings up the importance of music in his life recently and the guyzos chit-chat about that for the remainder of this week's episode.

VIDEO: K-Mart's "Ship My Pants" ad
VIDEO: Bubba Watson's Hovercraft Golf Cart
VIDEO: Patton Oswalt as The Penguin
VIDEO: Patton Oswalt's "Star Wars" Filibuster

Monday, April 22, 2013

Episode 111: Jurassic Park, Green Day, and our heroes' pasts

This week's episode of the Chuck and Brad podcast finds Chuck and Brad joined by local roustabout Mat Fairchild. The three open the conversation by discussion past incidents of "pantsing," both as pantsers and pantsees. Chuck gives a Senior Discount update and a Web Coulier, listed below. After Brad waxes enthusiastic about the Thursday Next books by Jasper Fforde, the boys discuss creative ventures in various stages of development.
Chuck brings some news driplets to the table - Comic Book Men, the Bad Boys 3 announcement, and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. After that, the meat of the podcast has teeth sunken into it [Editor: There has to be a better way to word that, you idiots.] They discuss a recent trip to see Jurassic Park in 3-D IMAX. Much merriment is made at Brad's expense. Once the raptor calls die down, Chuck and Brad talk about their recent experiences involving Green Day - seeing the band perform live in Providence and watching the recent Cuatro! documentary from the band.
Chuck then brags about some videogame accomplishments that are literally so astounding they can not be put to print. He then talks about the recent movie Spring Breakers and gives his thoughts on the film. All three of the hosts this week talk about their first encounters with illicit substances, then the conversation turns back to popular culture, as Chuck and Brad talk about the Mick Foley and CM Punk DVD's. The conversation ends with an in-depth discussion of the plotline of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, the upcoming X-Men movie.

Acoustic performance of "Afterlife" by Chuck Staton

Monday, April 8, 2013

Episode 110: A Trip To Austin For The Wedding Of Lou Perella

Recently, Friend Of/Occasional Guest On The Podcast Lou Perella got married. His wedding took place in Austin, Texas. Chuck and Brad attended the festivities. This podcast is all about their trip to the so-called "Great State," and the adventures they encountered there. Hear about the endless apple juice! Hear about a trip to a skeezy stip club! Hear this thrilling tale of love, life,....and donuts. So many donuts.

Web Couliers:
- VIDEO: Announcement for "DuckTales Remastered"

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Episode 109: Live Events: Nick Offerman, Tenacious D Acoustic, Demetri Martin, Stephen Lynch

Chuck and Brad open this episode by discussing some of the below Web Couliers and their excitement about upcoming projects. They move from there to some quick movie reviews, some of which they actually watched separately. After that, Chuck issues a rare statement of regret involving Episode 108: The Chuck Staton Rejection Trials.
The meat of the podcast, however, is recaps of specific life events the boyz attended over the past six weeks or so. They saw the Nick Offerman "American Swine" tour and talk about that experience. After that is a very brief discussion about the Tenacious D acoustic show at Lupo's in Providence, and how one fan can impact other fans at a concert. A trip to Northampton to see stand-up from Demetri Martin resulted in the fun, positive experience we've come to expect. They also attended an excellent Stephen Lynch concert in Boston and dealt with some post-show odd moments. Brad went with a non-Chuck-based friend to see the Young@Heart chorus in Worcester as well, and part one of this two-part podcast closes there.

Web Couliers:
- VIDEO: Trailer for "The Wolverine"
- VIDEO: Trailer for "Iron Man 3"
- VIDEO: Lights performs "We Found Love"

Monday, March 4, 2013

Episode 108: The Chuck Staton Rejection Trials

Chuck and Brad are joined in this week's episode by the elusive Patrick Dennis. The three gentlemen (well, two gentlemen and one scoundrel) talk about relationships from their adolescence that shaped them into the men (well, man-children) they are today.

Once they finish that, Patrick and Brad take on more listening-based roles, as Chuck recounts his efforts to get together with different women over the past six months and tells some brief stories relating to specific instances. It's a frank and honest look at some of the struggles of dating in the modern world.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Episode 107: Chuck and Brad's Stories From Strip Clubs

After some typical 100% clever back and forth, the boyz broach the heart of this week's podcast: Chuck's recent trip to a gentleman's club in Providence - and I assure you, he was FAR from the gentlest man there.

Once they finish Chuck's harrowing tale of loss and heartache, they talk about Brad's past trips to strip clubs, which segues into a discussion about the service industry, fakeness, and attitudes toward strip clubs going forward.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Episode 106: Chuck and Brad's Media Catch-Up

It's been a month since we last heard from Chuck and Brad, and they have a lot to talk about. They work their way chronologically through (about) the first six weeks of 2013 and talk about media they've experienced and live events they've attended. After some banter concerning Brad's place at Chuck's parents' house during holidays, they dive in. The boyz discuss their trip to Boston to see Louis CK do stand-up, then they give a very brief review of Django Unchained. Chuck talks about a Comedy Central event he attended in Boston, then Brad and Chuck spend a while discussing Dan Harmon's live "Harmontown" podcast and Brad really comes across like a terrible creep.
Paranormal Activity 4 is next up on their docket, then a discussion of the WWE Royal Rumble. They discuss the Dave Grohl-produced documentary Sound City, then the documentary Bully. The podcast closes with Chuck and Brad talking about their harrowing experiences during Winter Storm Nemo.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Episode 105: Chammies and Brammies 2012, Part 2: Books, Movies, and Other

It's that time again! Chuck and Brad review their favorite media from the previous year on the cleverly-named Chammies and Brammies! In part two of this two-part journey, the boys talk about their favorite books from 2012, take an extensive look at their favorites from the world of cinema and film, and then their favorite things from the news and their personal lives. Exciting!

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Episode 104: Brammies and Chammies 2012, Part 1: Games, TV, and Music

It's that time again! Brad and Chuck review their favorite media from the previous year on the cleverly-named Brammies and Chammies! In part one of this two-part sojourn, the boys talk about their favorite games from 2012, their favorite TV shows, characters, actors, and moments, and their favorites from the world of music. Exciting!

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- VIDEO: Patrick Dennis is a fruit ninja.