Thursday, December 31, 2015

Episode 242 - WWE TLC, Hateful Eight, and The Force Awakens

*NOTE: We apologize, but there is some static throughout this episode. We're very sorry, we're using all borrowed equipment, including a mixing board where we're unable to monitor the recording as well as normal. Really sorry, promise we'll be back on track soon!*
Episode 242 finds the guys joined by Perennial Podcast Pal Lou Perella. The three cool dudes start by promoting some upcoming projects, then Chuck talks about one of the below Web Couliers. Chuck then reads a prepared message about a shift he is undergoing in regards to some of his personal philosophies. It is sad. The guys attempt to bring the mood back up with a discussion of their shared Christmas at the Perellas'. Chuck drops in a factoid about Guitar Hero Live and Avenged Sevenfold, then segues beautifully into a recap of his recent trip to Disney World for some festive fun.
Chuck and Brad regale Lou with tales from the WWE TLC event in Boston and how crazy it was (the other Web Coulier below). They discuss the recent Quentin Tarantino film Hateful Eight, then - after a brief tangent on birthdays, anniversaries, and relationships - get into Star Wars: The Force Awakens. A brief yet triumphant spoiler-less review, then spoilers abound as the guys discuss the whole movie. Including the part where *think of joke about a movie plot point that was once spoiled and put it here and people will love it*

Web Couliers:
INSANITY: Kalisto does a Salida del Sol through a ladder
VIDEOS: Leftover Crack performs with Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Episode 241 - Christmas 2015!!!

Episode 241 finds Chuck and Brad joined in Brad's kitchen by Eric Macksoud, guitarist of Senior Discount and occasional improviser. The guys are excited to talk about the Christmas season, and are soon chatting about Straight No Chaser and Pentatonix. Macksoud reviews A Very Murray Christmas, then tells the guys about the Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas. They briefly discuss "Baby, It's Cold Outside," then go into talks about the Christmas songs "Christmas Shoes" and "Dominick the Donkey." Macksoud PROMISES that he will write a better Italian Christmas Carol for next year!
Chuck talks about his disdain for the movie Prancer, then Macksoud tells the guys about a reindeer-based special about Donner. They talk about other claymation Christmas specials, then Macksoud reviews local play "Ant'ny Claus." Chuck shares some Christmas memories, then the guys talk about their experiences of learning the sordid truth about Santa Claus.

Web Couliers:
COMEDY: Patton Oswalt discusses the song "Christmas Shoes."

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Episode 240 - Krampus, The Night Before, and Cookie Judging

Episode 240 starts out festively enough, with Brad reading a letter he received from Santa Claus. (NSFW) From there, C&B discuss the below Web Couliers before a movie driplet about the "Alien" universe. The guys recently went to see the R-rated Christmas Comedy The Night Before and share their thoughts on that, then talk about the Christmas horror film Krampus. Was Brad scared out of his mind?!?! (yes) Chuck talks about an expansion for the video game Dying Light, then talks about the (admittedly-dated) news that T-Mobile is offering video streaming that doesn't count against a data plan.
The guys shift into recap mode next - Chuck tells the story of the Benefit Show Creep, then provides an update on the situation involving his house fire aftermath. They talk about the new Disney/Pixar movie The Good Dinosaur, then a recent trip to see the acapella group Straight No Chaser.
The podcast closes with the guys gleefully talking about judging the RI Food Fights Spectacular Cookie Smackdown and how Brad almost got wasted.

Web Couliers:
TRAILER: Captain America: Civil War
PODCAST: Bret Easton Ellis and Quentin Tarantino

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Episode 239 - Chuck's House Fire and Our Stand-Up Debut

Episode 239 tells the tale of Chuck's House Fire, but before we can get to that, we talk about the podcast setup and talk about how great Sean Murphy is. Chuck mentions the below Web Couliers and promotes the newest Marc Maron special, airing on Epix. We then flash back to the Senior Discount show on November 6 and tell the tale of the creepiest creep around! Gina Mastrostefano joins us just in time! A brief mention of Rhode Island Comic-Con and Patrick Dennis' involvement followed that, then Chuck and Brad talk about the preparation for their stand-up performance.
As this podcast was mostly chronological in nature, we then skip the the report about Chuck's house fire. How did it happen? How did he feel? What has been going on since then? All of that...and a very special edition of Chuck's Petty Printouts!
The talk goes back to comedy and C&B dish on the open mic night they attended, then talk about the night they performed at the Comedy Connection. From there, it was a review of the benefit show hosted by Fete for Chuck, Gina, and Jordan, as well as a fun tease for next week! Wow!

Web Couliers:
MUSIC: The White Panda (mashup artist)
MUSIC: Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas (free as of 12/3)
MUSIC: Blake Shelton: Cheers, It's Christmas (free as of 12/3)
PHOTOS: Chuck House Fire Aftermath

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Episode 238 - A Brief Discussion Of Chuck's House Fire

Episode 238 is a short episode, recorded without our usual equipment. The reason we don't have our equipment is pretty simple: Chuck's house caught fire and everything was ruined. So we'll talk about that and how we've dealt with it and how we plan to deal with it going forward.

Web Couliers:
NEWS: Channel 10 covers the Staton Manor Fire Benefit Show

Friday, November 20, 2015

Episode 237: The Story of Boneheads Wing Bar - Part 2

Episode 237 brings you a quick update on Chuck's recent house fire, as well as part 2 of Chuck and Brad's recent interview with Dave Fazzina and Matt Corona, local musicians who are also proprietors of Boneheads Wing Bar and Boneheads Unplugged. Hear their whole story, from their involvement in local music (with a side trip into adult entertainment) through their disastrous opening night all the way to their triumph in the National Wing Competition! Whoa mama! This is part 2 of 2!

Web Couliers:
MENU: Boneheads Wing Bar
CONCERT: Staton Manor House Fire Benefit Show

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Episode 236: The Story of Boneheads Wing Bar - Part 1

Episode 236 is not just Chuck and Brad, no no! They are joined by Dave Fazzina and Matt Corona, local musicians who are also proprietors of Boneheads Wing Bar and Boneheads Unplugged. Hear their whole story, from their involvement in local music (with a side trip into adult entertainment) through their disastrous opening night all the way to their triumph in the National Wing Competition! Whoa mama! This is part 1 of 2!

Web Couliers:
MENU: Boneheads Wing Bar

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Episode 235: Slave Leia is No More! and Back to the Future

Episode 235 of the C&B PC has two special guests - Gina Mastrostefano and Patrick Dennis! After everyone cruelly taunts Patrick for his new haircut, the guys publicize some upcoming events. Movie Driplets are discussed, including Marvel Phase 2 Collector's Sets, a reboot of the "Dragon Tattoo" series, news on Bad Santa 2, a 20th Century Fox theme park in Dubai, an Aliens sequel being shelved, and Aziz Ansari's new TV show. Whew!
They return to the topic of crossovers to clarify some points a listener had brought up, Chuck reads insults he Tweeted about WWE Superstar Kane, there's talk of a wrestling-themed soap opera, Streetlight Manifesto is being sued by their former label, and there's a NoFX autobiography coming out! Also, they react to the news that there will be no new Star Wars merchandise featuring "Slave Leia". What the-?
The heart of this episode, though, is the film series Back to the Future and its legacy. With the coming (and going) of the "future date" from Back to the Future 2, everyone marvels at the film's enduring popularity. Our four hardy souls share their feelings about the film and their experiences with it. Chuck also claims Indiana Jones is a cowboy.

Web Couliers:
There are no Web Couliers this week

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Episode 234: The "Halloween" Saga - Part 2

Whoa mama! This week features a two=part episode - and THIS IS PART TWO!!!! Chuck and special guest Patrick Dennis tell Brad all about the saga of the "Halloween" movies. Michael Myers and all. This episode contains summaries, trivia, and spoilers for Halloween 4, Halloween 5, Halloween 6, Halloween: H2O, and Halloween: Resurrection.

Web Couliers:
There are no Web Couliers this week

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Episode 233: The "Halloween" Saga - Part 1

Whoa mama! This week features a two=part episode - and THIS IS PART ONE!!!! Chuck and special guest Patrick Dennis tell Brad all about the saga of the "Halloween" movies. Michael Myers and all. This episode contains summaries, trivia, and spoilers for Halloween 1, Halloween 2, and Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. Part 2 will be up Thursday, where we cover the rest of the movies.

Web Couliers:
There are no Web Couliers this week

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Episode 232: Halloween 2015 - Costumes, Celebration, and The Grinchverse

This installment is our annual Halloween episode! We are joined (as with previous Halloween episodes) by local ne'er-do-wells Brian Decoteaux and Nic Hallenbeck. The guys plug some upcoming projects, then mention the below Web Couliers. Chuck recaps his (and Brad's) Halloween experiences from this year, and Brad tells a brief tale of mistaken identity at a party he recently attended. Chuck tells the guys about the most recent additions to his Halloween playlist and explains the rationale behind it.
The guys continue to have fun exploring ridiculous costume ideas, with the idea that they could all be rejected ideas. Chuck pulls up an article about this year's Simpsons Halloween episode, then mentions Teefury's holiday collection.
Things take a turn for poignancy when Chuck poses the question - what should an adult's relationship with Halloween be? And the final topic of the evening is the continuation of LAST year's extended Grinch-verse conversation. Ridiculous.

Web Couliers:
S*D VIDEO: The Great Pumpkin Caper
S*D VIDEO: Creepy Little Kid

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Episode 231: Crossover Storytelling, Rock Band 4 Problems, and Further Festive Adventures

The 231st installment of this beloved podcast kicks off with Chuck and Brad updates. The guys talk about an email about a possible (?) parody video of a conspiracy or some such nonsense. Following that, they talk about the below Web Couliers, then Chuck dives into some Movie Driplets (safely). What's up with multiple versions of Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight? What are the plans for Die Hard 6 (and how do C&B feel about the films in the franchise)? And what's this I hear about two move Marvel properties possibly being made into TV shows?
The first "main topic" of the night is the distressing news about the release of Rock Band 4 for Xbox One - what's the deal, Harmonix? After that, the guys talk about a listener Vox regarding the crossovers between franchises and storylines. Is this a good thing? Is it a sign of the death of creativity?
After that thorough discussion, the manchildren (menchildren?) talk about the festive things they've done in the past week - Haunted History Tours, Teen Wolf, Pumpkin Carving, Salem, Decorating, The Scituate Art Fair, and It Follows! Wow! What a festive week!

ALSO: The guys receive some amazingly fun news while recording!!!!!!

Web Couliers:
TRAILER: A Very Murray Christmas
VIDEO: Paranormal Activity Prank Scares

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Episode 230: Movie Endings, College Memories, and Festive Activities

Episode 230 begins with some standard Chuck-and-Brad updates, then the guys delve into the news about Marvel looking at making a lot more of their one-shot film projects. The dudes are appropriately stoked. From there, Chuck tells Brad about Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes (2001) and the confusion about the ending of the movie, as well as how the studio explained the ending to viewers who were left scratching their heads. Like apes. Chuck regales us all with tales of his anniversary night with Gina, then talks about some Open Mic nights he's been to recently. This somehow segues to Brad talking about guilt he feels from a college project that was literally over fifteen years ago. C&B really get into sharing some stories about their times in college. Chuck talks about his trip to NYC to see "Aladdin" on Broadway, then they talk about the "Turtle Hunt" - a daylong trip to track down and obtain some important Halloween decorations. The guys also got to see Monday Night Raw - what moment gave Brad goosebumps?

Web Couliers:
There are no Web Couliers this week.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Episode 229: The Story of RI Food Fights

This week's episode finds Chuck and Brad welcoming a guest into the 'studio,' as Jim Nellis of RI Food Fights joins the program. C&B talk with J about the thought process behind starting RI Food Fights. Did Jim have a background in food? Has it always been successful? Did Brad like the poutine he tried last night? The answer to one of these questions is "No!" Give a listen to the story behind a positive force in Rhode Island's thriving restaurant community!

Web Couliers:
There are no Web Couliers this week.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Episode 228: Black Mass, Improv Fest Recap, and What Makes A Good Friendship?

The 228th episode starts with updates from C & B, and honestly...not a lot of projects on the immediate horizon for our heroes. Wait, is an immediate horizon a thing? Can we trademark that as an album title? Chuck follows the updates with some movie driplets regarding a possible (?) Sinister Six movie for real, the new American Idiot documentary, and news about sequel(s) to Prometheus.
The guys went to see the new movie Black Mass earlier this week - what did they think? Hear them break the film down! From there, Chuck tells Brad the story of the most recent Senior Discount show. Brad then recaps his experience at this year's Providence Improv Fest. Did he make new friends who thought he was special?
The podcast closes with a long discussion. This is spurred by Chuck telling the story of a friendship that dissolved, and the guys talk about what makes a good friendship, and how to avoid feeling let down. It's a sobering discussion.

Web Couliers:
There are no Web Couliers this week.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Episode 227: Oddball 2015, Discovering New Music, and Super Mario Maker

Episode 227 starts out with a brief discussion of the taco challenge for RI Food Fights before getting into some Brad and Chuck updates. After that, the guys talk about the below Web Couliers, stopping briefly to take a phone call from an unexpected guest. They finish the discussion, then a quick movie driplet of news, THEN hit a big topic: the Oddball Comedy Fest 2015. The guys saw eight comedians in one show - what did they think? Who stood out? Which joke was the best of the night?
Chuck gives a brief recounting of his adventures Saturday night, then gives a spoiler-free review of new M. Night Shyamalan film "The Visit." Brad talks about using Spotify's "Discover New Music" feature to, music. The guys talk about how they access new music and what brings it up on their radar. From there, it's a seamless - wait, no, another phone call from another unexpected guest. Twice in one podcast! The guys talk about the new Wii U game Super Mario Maker and all the fun they've had with it to close out the podcast.

Web Couliers:
TRAILER: Krampus
TRAILER: Hardcore

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Episode 226: UHD Blu-Rays, S*D in Newport, and King Richard's Faire

The 226th episode begins, as loyal listeners expect, with some updates for Brad's improv life and Senior Discount.The below Web Couliers are discussed, then Chuck offers a few Movie Driplets. One has to do with some casting decisions for "Halloween Returns," the other has to do with the release of 4K Ultra High-Def Blu-Rays. Somehow this discussion also includes Brad's retirement plan. Weird.
Chuck recommends the new Against Me! live album (Brad also likes it), then the guys talk about Castle Crashers being free on the Xbox One. Chuck gives an account of the recent S*D show in Newport and an unpleasant encounter at a donut shop. C&B talk about the movies "The Death of Superman Lives" and "Windy City Heat," then Chuck talks about his new job and re-watching some classic Simpsons episodes.
Chuck talks about his new laptop (and tries to sell his old one), then Brad talks about a recent trip to King Richard's Faire. How did the notoriously crowd-disliking dude do?

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: The And (Part 1 of 2)
VIDEO: The And (Part 2 of 2)
TRAILER: Crash Test Comedy

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Episode 225: Patrick's Move, Our Comedy Connection Recap, and Stress

Episode 225 finds Brad and Chuck each pimping some upcoming shows. After that, it's a dip into the well of Web Couliers, then some refreshing Movie Driplets. Chuck tells Brad about the futuristic Zorro reboot, as well as casting news from the Disney Jungle Cruise movie. Chuck also talks about the reveal of the identity of one of the world's most well-paid YouTube superstars. It is a bizarre situation. There's some exciting news about Marvel Heroes, as well as WWE Christmas news. After another conversation about a "Fast & Furious" amusement park ride, the guys talk about Podcast Pal Patrick's move back to town. A quick review of Summerslam leads to a longer discussion about the Senior Discount show a few nights later, and some internal issues the band is facing.
After that, Chuck and Brad talk about their recent foray into standing while talking into microphones - how did their set at the Comedy Connection go? After that, Brad talks about some of the stress he's been dealing with recently.

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: The Interrupters - "Take Back The Power"
ARTICLE - How Being Nonconfrontational Has Held Me Back In Life
ARTICLE - The Hidden Cost of Being Nonconfrontational
ARTICLE: Banksy's Dismaland

Monday, August 24, 2015

Episode 224: The Story of Rob Pierce

Our 224th foray into podcasting starts with Gina Mastrostefano providing a cameo appearance! She and Chuck tell the story of parking lot vigilantism; Brad remains unconvinced. After that, local standup comic Rob Pierce joins Chuck and Brad. The three guys talk about the upcoming show at the Comedy Connection and then dive into some movie news, including the announcement regarding Star Wars Theme Parks!
The interview with Rob starts with a thorough discussion of his musical background and covers a lot of territory. The guys make their way around to Rob's comedy career and the challenges and opportunities that come with that. It's a fun look* into the mind of a very funny man.

*- I know podcasts are audio. It's an audio look, okay?

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: The Chuck and Brad Podcast present: Brad's Birthday Prostitute

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Episode 223: Bad Blood, Social Etiquette, and Fantastic Four

Episode 223 features Chuck and Brad rockin' their respective microphones all episode. After the traditional Bradprov/Senior Discount updates, the guys talk about the below Web Coulier. This leads into a discussion about music videos and their merits. Should they be performance-based? A narrative? What purpose do they serve? And how many videos do C&B actually remember?
Chuck offers a Movie Driplet about a forthcoming Back To The Future documentary, then some news about an Xbox One DVR. The dudes also discuss social etiquette vis a vis door holding for strangers in public. It's a neglected topic!
The main topic for this week's episode is a thorough discussion of the new movie Fantastic Four. Many critics panned the film, and audiences have stayed away or hated it. How do Chuck and Brad feel, and how do they express it?

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: Bad Blood by Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Episode 222: Xbox Backward Compatibility, Bad Boys Movies, and the Local Music Scene

The 222nd episode features local musician/promoter Davey Moore of Midday Records. The three guys banter about some upcoming shows and Chuck gives a bite-sized review of Senior Discount's recent show at the Met. They discuss some backward compatibility news for the Xbox One from the world of Microsoft and try and wrap their heads around how exactly it will work. From there, Chuck drops a bombshell on Brad about future movies in the "Bad Boys" franchise.
Davey brings his knowledge as a promoter to the discussion - that started a few weeks ago - about the business practices going on in the local Rhode Island music scene. What exactly is "pay to play," and how does it affect bands, promoters, and venues? What changes need to be made to more forward as a community of artists and businesspersons? A reasonable discussion is had!

Intro Song
Senior Discount - A Fistfull of Discount

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Episode 221: Comic Book Movie News, Hulk Hogan, and Date Apprehension

Episode 221 kicks off with a never-delivered-on tease, as Brad mentions his weird week and then fails to elaborate. Wow. The boys plug their upcoming shows and Chuck talks a little bit about ticket sales. From there, it's straight into movie news - Chuck talks about some nuggets of Batman vs. Superman news and Brad is sufficiently wowed. After that, Chuck relates some news about the budget for "Gambit" and Brad tries desperately to coin the phrase 'The Gambit Curse.'
Have you heard about Hulk Hogan and his latest controversy? Chuck and Brad have, and they talk about the scandal and the WWE's response. Was the scorched earth policy the right one for the WWE to take? After that, Brad talks about apprehensions he has about purely hypothetical first dates. They banter a little bit about dating and how difficult it can be, then they sign off.

Web Couliers - Senior Discount's Promotional Journey:
TRAILER: The Night Before
VIDEO: S*D Mash-up of "Cindy" and "My Neck, My Back"

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Episode 220: Ant-Man, Ted 2, and Chuck's Brother's Wedding

The 220th installment of this entertainment stalwart starts out with Chuck and Brad talking about the history of Senior Discount. Chuck runs through some old shows and Brad talks about what he was doing at the time (11-12 years ago). This is all to plug the upcoming S*D show on July 31. The guys answer an email about leaked trailers from a loyal listener, then talk about Chuck's brother's wedding weekend. A minor hitch occurred after the rehearsal - did this throw the whole weekend off?
Brad also talks about his trip to Indiana and time with his family, then the guys talk about the 2nd Annual Bradley Invitational Tournament in Chuck's backyard. They also debate the merits of Brad doing "Brad Trivia" on Facebook on his birthday. From there, they mention a different birthday party they attended, and Chuck gives a brief review of Ted 2. They discuss Ant-Man in greater detail, then Chuck attempts to explain Periscope to Brad (by Periscoping him).

Web Couliers - Senior Discount's Promotional Journey:
ARTICLE: Limelight - Interview with Chuck
RADIO: WEMF Radio - Interview with Chuck and Christian
ARTICLE: Motif - Concert Listing
ARTICLE: Providence Monthly - Interview with Chuck
PODCAST: The Tony Jones Show - Interview with Chuck
PODCAST: My Night Out Radio - Interview with Chuck

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Episode 219: Comic-Con Trailers, Pay to Play, and The Story of Rob

Episode 219 of the C&B P-C kicks off with special guest Rob Courtemanche joining the guys in the studio. After some updates concerning upcoming shows, the guys discuss the passel of trailers that came out at Comic-Con this past week. They dish about Deadpool! They squawk about Suicide Squad! They BS about Batman vs Superman. They, um, move their lips about X-Men: Apocalypse? Finally, Chuck dives into Hugh Jackman's revelation about Old Man Logan being the third and final standalone Wolverine film and what that means to him personally. The comic stuff taken care of, the three pals talk about some recent "pay to play" controversy in the Rhode Island music scene and their feelings thereon.
After that, the interview portion of the podcast commences. Chuck and Brad pepper Rob with questions about his musical history and Rob unearths some dynamite stories from his involvement with the bands Bad Larry, Turning Blue, Verbana Darvell, Danger Room, Paler Ghost and The Pogs! They talk about art and music and touring and Xboxes. It's a great conversation, sure to be continued when Senior Discount plays out on July 31st!

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice" New Trailer
VIDEO: "Suicide Squad" Trailer
VIDEO: "Deadpool" Leaked Trailer

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Episode 218: Chuck and Brad Write an Original Harry Potter Story

We got a weird one this week. The bosom-y Gina opens the show with Chuck, as Brad is in Indiana!
With Brad absent, Chuck reaches deeply into vault and pulls out a gem that the boys have been waiting to shine for QUITE some time.
Seven months ago, for Christmas, Chuck and Brad did something very special. They decided to sit down and record their own addition to the Harry Potter universe!
Listen to Chuck and Brad stumble their way through creating a new story on the spot, that takes place on Harry's wedding day - where Voldemort is ....gasp .... Harry's best friend?!?
Chuck and Brad came up with this story in the moment, on-mic. Chuck is NOT great at doing multiple voices, regardless of how handsome he is.

Web Couliers:

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Episode 217: Appropriate Comedy, Feminism in Jurassic World, and E3 Views

The 217th installment slides into your brain or something this week. After some updates on upcoming shows, the guys discuss the below Web Couliers; well, at least one of them at this time. Chuck provides some movie driplets about the second Guardians of the Galaxy and the second season of Netflix's Daredevil. He throws in an odd story about Jared Leto's Joker from the upcoming Suicide Squad film as well. There's some discussion around The Last of Us 2 for PS4, then the recently announced JK Rowling-written Harry Potter play.
Chuck brings up an article he recently read concerning Amy Schumer's jokes about race. This leads to a deep discussion about what is appropriate in the world of comedy. Many jokes are made. After that, Chuck - who has a masochistic streak to his reading material - brings in another article concerning the allegedly anti-feminist messages of Jurassic World. Given one of the tags for this week's episode is "poor journalism," guess how the guys feel about the author's supposed points?
A few smaller topics follow - a fake plane crash prank done to Paris Hilton divides the guys, and Chuck tries to relay his joy at the Bad Boy reunion on the recent BET Awards. C&B talk about the new Pixar movie "Inside Out" and discuss their enjoyment levels thereof, then close the show by talking about their feelings on the Electronics Entertainment Expo announcements. If you are the guy who sat in front of Brad at the Sony thing, I am sorry I kicked your chair, but still think you're kind of a narrow-minded buffoon.

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: Senior Discount Show Announcement
VIDEO: Paris Hilton Plane Prank
VIDEO: BET Awards Bad Boy Reunion

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Episode 216: Our Blink 182 Announcement, the Anti-Flag Show, and Our Failed Batman Midnight!

Whoa! Episode 216 is here! Chuck and Brad dive right into their upcoming shows - including the announcement of Senior Discount's Anniversary Show/Blink 182 set! Listen in for details! The boys bring some sweet Web Couliers to the table: "This is Not a Band" and their a capella punk medleys, Lexus' announcement of their hoverboard, and the Consuelo's Revenge album! Chuck also brings a story of RI band drama and the boys discuss the right way to deal with confrontation.
Movie news then includes: the final chapter in the Paranormal Activity series being announced, a new "Halloween" film (and a discussion of Halloween canon), and Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's "A Deadly Adoption".
Chuck then discusses his show with Anti-Flag last week, and Brad talks about his dislike for the in-crowd violence. Is Chuck accosted because of his cousin Patrick's raging libido? Find out by listening in! The boys end the traditional topics with a re-visit to "Jurassic World" to discuss all the records broken by the film, and how proud the guys are of how much they like it. Wow! These guys can find any reason to pat themselves on the back!
The podcast ends with a re-telling of Chuck and Brad's recent experience hosting a Gamestop Midnight Release for Batman: Arkham Knight. Did they crash and burn because a DJ was booked to play at the same time immediately to their left? Yes. Yes they did. Hear Chuck and Brad explain what happened, talk about their plan, bring a sexy story to light, and play back some of their recorded episode from the Gamestop debacle.
- Chuck

Web Couliers:
KICKSTARTER: "This is Not a Band" A Capella Punk Rock
VIDEO: Lexus' Hoverboard
MUSIC: Consuelo's Revenge - Consuelo's Revenge

Monday, June 15, 2015

Episode 215: Jurassic World, Chuck's PS4, and Writing in Wrestling

Episode 215 of the podcast features Patrick Dennis joining the guys in studio. The three pals chat about some updates in their lives before Chuck breaks out some Movie Driplets. The Boondock Saints prequel series is discussed, as well as the casting of the Punisher on the Netflix Daredevil series. They talk about Bad Boys 3 rumors and the NoFX documentary Backstage Passport 2. Some Simpsons news and some Freddy versus Jason news rounds out the Driplet section.
From there, there's a discussion of the upcoming game Mario Maker, then some news about Patrick's apartment hunt. Chuck relates the tale of how he acquired a Playstation 4 and the guys talk about what constitutes a scam. Chuck and Brad dive into some recent story developments in the WWE and the rise of Kevin Owens.
After that, it's all Jurassic World. Starting at the one-hour-and-five-minute mark, the guys break down the plot of the film and share their thoughts for the next hour. There are one billion spoilers in this section.

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: Freddy Versus Jason teaser

Monday, June 8, 2015

Episode 214: Nick Offerman, Comic Sequels, and Stretch

Episode 214 finds us joined by Podcast Newcomer Sara P, an old friend of Chuck's. After the usual updates, the guys (and guy-ette) discuss the below Web Couliers. Chuck then provides some movie driplets - a Chris Farley documentary, Nick Fury's role in Civil War, and the Disney news about "Night on Bald Mountain."
Chuck and Brad tell Sara about their recent trip to see a stop on Nick Offerman's book tour, then Chuck and Brad thrill her when discussing the sequel to famed comic series Old Man Logan. Chuck also tells Brad and Sara about the Fight Club 2 comic. Chuck and Brad talk about some recent karaoke adventures in Providence, and also discuss some items of infamous history in the city. Sara tells a little infamous history of her own, sharing the tale of a car-egging gone awry.
Chuck talks about his recent trip to see the Reel Big Fish/Less Than Jake tour and how exciting the night was. After that, Chuck explains the movie Stretch and provides an enthusiastic opinion about whether it should be watched. We close with another exciting edition of Chuck's Petty Printouts, as Chuck relates a recent eBay squabble with a man from another country.

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: Senior Discount's "Know Your Role"
PETITION: People really want a "Tron 3"
TEXT: A selection from Aziz Ansari's forthcoming book Modern Romance

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Episode 213: Jurassic Park, Recapping the Mad Max Saga, and Mad Max: Fury Road

The 213th installment finds Chuck and Brad welcoming back their pal Brian Lau for a discussion. There are the typical updates to start the show, then a discussion of some of the below Web Couliers. The guys recap the recent showing (for friends) of Jurassic Park on the projector in Chuck's backyard. Brad goes through the trivia questions he wrote and reads some of the best answers. Chuck talks a little bit about Memorial Day, then the guys dive into the main course.
Brian Lau had never seen the first three Mad Max movies. Chuck and Brad try to recap the films for Mr. Lau. It does not go smoothly. Hear about the series' changes from 1979's Mad Max through the end of the 1985 film Beyond Thuderdome.
The guys then discuss the 2015 film "Mad Max: Fury Road" and talk about their feelings on the summer blockbuster. After a thorough spoiler-free discussion of the film's merits, the guys banter a little more before signing off for the evening.

Web Couliers:
TRAILER: Keanu Reeves in Eli Roth's "Knock Knock"
NEWS?: Sony's E3 presentation in movie theaters
PHOTO: Brad in a questionable hat

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Episode 212: Letterman, Smartwatch Woes, and Alkaline Trio

Episode 212 starts with Brad lamenting his earlier dentist visit and the fact that his mouth is numb. He and Chuck kick into some updates, then talk about the below Web Couliers. This leads into a discussion about mashup music and the guys' views on said music. Chuck offers some Movie Driplets, talking about a 20th Century Fox "New Mutants" project, a movie starring The Lonely Island, and Harry Shearer leaving The Simpsons.
Brad uses this as a natural segue into discussing David Letterman's pending departure from TV and the impact he had on comedy. Chuck talks about his new part-time job situation, then brings back an old favorite segment "Chuck's Petty Printouts."
Once the guys have covered the topic of scams on eBay, they talk about their experiences over the past week, including an in-depth review of three of Alkaline Trio's Boston "Past Live" shows. One of the shows found Senior Discount drummer Christian Staton looking like he did in the below picture. Which is to say...putrid.

Web Couliers:
MUSIC: Bruneau - The Art of Noise
VIDEO: 8-bit Winter Soldier
VIDEO: The Simpsons/Rick & Morty Crossover Cough Gag
VIDEO: Open World Dinosaur Survival Game
PHOTO: A Putrid Christian

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Episode 211: Marvel speculation, Saying goodbye to the Xbox 360, and Brad's online dating profile

The 211th episode of the podcast features Brad and Chuck joined by the talented and cunicular Gina Mastrostefano. After some quick updates, Chuck provides some movie news about a Three Stooges sequel and the guys are super excited. Some news about Nintendo's new multi-device membership follows, as well as wild rampant speculation about Nintendo's future. We learn about a new Muppets series coming to ABC in the fall and Brad is unduly stoked for it. Gina's misunderstanding about Marvel's "Civil War" storyline in Captain America 3 amuse and delight Chuck and Brad.
They also plan out a Howard the Duck standalone project.
Chuck says goodbye to his Xbox 360 and talks about how much the console meant to him over the years. The guys talk about their favorite 360 moments and Gina is conspicuous in her silence.
Once the tears have dried, Brad works on an online dating profile. Which site did he choose, and how did Chuck and Gina help?

Web Couliers:
TEASER: The Muppets

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Episode 210: Our Video Screening and Avengers: Age of Ultron

Episode number 210 of the podcast features Brad and Chuck riding solo together. Somehow. It starts with some Senior Discount updates, Chuck mentions the below Web Coulier, then offers some Movie Driplets about a Kingsman sequel and the Days of Future Past: Rogue Cut. C&B then discuss the recent screening of the video they've been working on for months - how did it go over? What worked well, and what worked......less......well.
After a thorough discussion, Brad tells Chuck about his trip to Indiana, and Chuck tells Brad about what he missed here in New England. A quick mention of some wrestling topics, then the heart of the podcast is breached.
Avengers: Age of Ultron is doing very well at the box office - what did Chuck and Brad think of it? What did they like and dislike, and why did they feel that way? After talking about the movie (HEAVY SPOILERS), they talk about a poorly-written article that discusses the Black Widow's role in the movie.

Web Couliers:
TRAILER: A Lego Brickumentary

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Episode 209: Origin Stories, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and Filming with Senior Discount

The 209th episode of the podcast finds Chuck and Brad joined by the incorrigible Abe Correia and the intolerable Eric Macksoud. After some Brad and Senior Discount Updates, the guys discuss the below Web Couliers in great detail. Once that is done, they discuss the recent announcement of Fast & Furious 8, as well as Aziz Ansari's new deal with Netflix to produce an original comedy.
They talk about a new animated Spider-Man movie and debate whose origin story is more widely-known: Spider-Man or Superman? There's some talk about a TV movie about Grand Theft Auto and the controversy that has surrounded the games, as well as the plans for Brad, Chuck, and Macksoud to see the Fat Wrecked tour. Chuck promotes the Chris Jericho-starring web series Nothing To Report, then the guys ponder furniture with induction chargers built in. There's some back-and-forth about Matt Skiba permanently (?) joining blink-182, as well as a long conversation about Green Day being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Finally, the four amigos talk about filming the most recent Senior Discount video. Macksoud gives his account of going from fan to actor, and Abe talks about going from bit player to actual character. Chuck laughs at his own jokes.

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: Tim Armstrong and Green Day
VIDEO: Hawkeye sings about his powers
VIDEO: Just Cause 3 Gameplay Trailer
VIDEO: Stan Lee's Cameo School

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Episode 208: The Story of Adam Theroux

Episode 208 is an interview with local musician/filmmaker/comedian/auteur Adam Theroux. After some plugs for upcoming projects, the three discuss the bevy of high-budget film trailers that came out this past week. Once that is done, they shift gears and dive headfirst into the interview with Adam. Hear about his first gigs as Bi Anal Ham Sandwich, then the transition to Hank Sinatra Jr., and finally his foray into serious film. Check out the trailer below, and enjoy listening to this in-depth interview with a local artist!

Web Couliers:
TRAILER: "The Final Obsession"
EVENT: S*D and Adam Theroux Video Screening

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Episode 207: Reboot Culture, Guitar Hero Live, and Guilty Pleasures

Episode 207 features New Podcast Pal Nick Mendillo joining Chuck and Brad. The three talk about Nick's background in music and comedy before getting into the plugs for upcoming shows. They talk about the "feminism" Web Coulier below, which segues into a discussion about appropriate language. Speaking of appropriate, have you heard about the "Horny Mom" story from Georgia? Now you have!
Chuck's movie driplets this week include discussion about the Scream TV show, and the casting of Olivia Munn as Psylocke in "X-Men: Apocalypse." We also learn that Mick Foley is going to have a stand-up special produced for the WWE Network, and test the "Find My Phone" function in Google.
Nick brings a little science to the podcast as the guys talk about artificial intelligence. The topic is quickly dismissed, although Brad's robotic personality forces him to suck up to our future overlords a little. Chuck gives a quick review of the movie "Top Five," then Chuck and Brad talk about their trip to the Southcoast Toy & Comic-Con, then Marc Maron's recent appearance in Boston. Chuck talks about Senior Discount playing with Beebs and Her Moneymakers and the fun that was had during that show.
The three guys talk about the just-announced "Guitar Hero Live" game and music games in general. They forecast the game's (and peripheral's) popularity. Chuck talks about a dilemma he's been having with technology and seeks advice. The final topic the idea of "Guilty Pleasures." What do these three fellows like that society wants them to be ashamed of?

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: "Why I'm Not a Feminist"
PHOTO: Gina's "Avengers" Nails

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Episode 206: Furious 7, the Bieber Roast, and Chuck's Acoustic Show

Episode 206 finds Chuck with an exhausted, frazzled Brad in the studio. They talk about their upcoming shows before getting in to the below Web Couliers. Chuck has a movie driplet (more of a TV driplet) about a Full House reboot, and Brad follows with a driplet of his own about Arrested Development.
Chuck talks about his performance opening for Dave Hause and offers a behind-the-scenes peek at his preparation and performance that night. He then offers an interesting tidbit about the game Payday 2. Chuck and Brad talk about the Roast of Justin Bieber and offer differing opinions on the quality of the performances that night. They then discuss the recent movie Get Hard and offer very similar opinions.
From there, it's a discussion about global phenomenon "Furious 7," before Chuck ends the podcast with a segment called "Blu-ray Blues."

Web Couliers:
PODCAST: Episode 116 - Chuck and Brad explain the "Fast and Furious" saga
VIDEO: Beebs and Her Money Makers - Miss Captain Kangaroo

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Episode 205: Wrestlemania and Sweet Babylon

Episode 205 kicks off in style, with special in-studio guests Kyle, Lenny, and Izzy from Sweet Babylon stopping by. The guys promote their upcoming projects, then Chuck offers up brief descriptions of the below Web Couliers. He then talks about some movie news that all five guys are excited about - Deadpool! Mallrats 2! Some exciting news about the April Fool's update to Dying Light, then the wrestling talk begins in earnest! All five gentlemen discuss the recent Wrestlemania 31 and their feelings about the event, about WWE programming as of late, and even some nostalgic looks back into their own pasts with wrestling. Each match on the Wrestlemania 31 card is broken down and evaluated on its merits.
Finally, Chuck and Brad turn their attention to the original purpose of the episode - talking with Sweet Babylon about Sweet Babylon! We scratch the surface of this positive, fun-loving local band and get excited for their upcoming shows!

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: Fast To The Future
VIDEO: NoFX's "The Decline," played by an orchestra
VIDEO: Sweet Babylon - "I'm a Jerk"

Friday, March 27, 2015

Episode 204: Bickering in Relationships, American Sniper Libel, the Joys of Filming, and Fixing Chappie

Episode 204 begins with Brad correctly introducing the podcast on the first try. After some Senior Discount and Brad updates, the guys talk about bickering in relationships and how that works and looks. From there, it's a brief discussion on anger and how the guys demonstrate that (with a stirring example from Chuck's home life). Chuck has Movie Driplets about Super Troopers 2 and a new Lego movie.
Podcast Pal Patrick Dennis wrote himself a letter a few years ago, and the guys take a somber look at the letter as they broadcast Patrick's private thoughts to the world. Also...what's up with the new Nintendo console? Chuck and Brad move on to a topic frequent listeners enjoy - their understanding of the law, as they discuss the libel case brought by Jesse Ventura against "American Sniper" Chris Kyle.
Happier topics include T-Mobile's announcement of Music Freedom, and the free music streaming offered by the carrier. Also, who are some of the characters in the new Mortal Kombat game? There's some speculation between C&B about which character will die in Avengers 2 before they move on to discussing their own filming project and the glee they are taking in it. Finally, Chuck and Brad debut a new segment called "Chuck and Brad fix..." and use that segment to discuss, spoil, and fix the movie "Chappie."

Web Couliers:
PICTURE: Patrick Dennis, handsome deviant

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Episode 203: The Story of The Down and Outs

Episode 203 finds Chuck and Brad joined in the studio by Paul and Adam of local band The Down & Outs. After some Chuck and Brad Updates, the guys talk about the D&O's show this Sunday, then kick off some discussion of movie news. Kevin Smith has said they're going to be doing a Mallrats 2 - what do these four fine fellows think of that? From there, the conversation centers around the news that popular band Fishbone is crowdfunding their legal defense fund after being sued for 1.4 million dollars by a woman who was injured when Fishbone's singer stage-dove and landed on her. Hear the hot takes of three musicians and Brad's quiet breathing as the discussion heats up!
The interview of Paul and Adam starts there. The guys cover their background as individuals, musicians, their influences, the formation of the band, a riveting discussion about whether or not taking music lessons adds to the artistry and more! The current Providence music scene is discussed, and the world is warned about Chris from Less Than Jake, and the future of The Down and Outs is teased. A fun interview for all!

Web Couliers:
There are no Web Couliers this week.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Episode 202: 50 Shades of Grey, Kingsman, and the Parks & Rec Finale

Episode 202 starts out with the traditional mix of nonsense and updates from Chuck and Brad, then they discuss the new Justin Bieber Roast promo (listed below in Web Couliers) and Justin Bieber in general. From there, they delve into some news, as Chuck shares Movie Driplets about Alien 5, an Indiana Jones fan film, Spider-Man's writer, the Walking Dead spin-off, HBO NOW, Tron 3, and more Ghostbusters news.
After movie driplets, Chuck spices things up with some Music Driplets. Wow! There's talk about Less Than Jake or possibly Laura Jane Grace doing entrance music for wrestler Sami Zayn, Tom Delonge's solo record, and moving the universal record release day to Fridays.
Once the driplets are done, C&B revisit an old familiar segment: 60-second reviews. They give brief, to-the-point reviews of the new Spongebob movie, SNL's 40th Anniversay Special, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Foxcatcher, Mad Max, One Bad Choice, the new Aziz Ansari special, attending a Providence Bruins game, and the book The Martian. Brad talks a little about Far Cry 4, then Chuck boasts of completing Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and finishing this season of Real World: Skeletons.
Brad and Chuck really dig into the Parks and Rec finale and discuss their thoughts on the finale and the show in general. Chuck gives his review (and plot synopsis) for the 50 Shades of Grey movie and does not seem enthused by the project - or its detractors! Chuck and Brad talk about an event they recently attended at Brad's church, then about the announcement of Rock Band 4. They also discuss seeing the movie Kingsman in a spoiler-free manner. They briefly talk about Brad's involvement in a "Roast" and tiptoe around feelings as they do. (If you listen, you can hear the I'm-tired-grumpiness creep in to my voice.)

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: Promo for the Bieber Roast
TEXT: Transcription of Nick Kole's speech at Q Commons

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Episode 201 - The 200th Episode - Part 2

Episode 201 of the Chuck and Brad Podcast finds the 200th episode continuing! The question war between Podcast Pals Patrick Dennis and Eric Macksoud comes down to the wire! Who will win the cash toward the creative project of their choosing? What will we learn about Chuck and Brad? Find out right now!!!

Web Couliers:
There are no Web Couliers this week.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Episode 200: The 200th Episode - Part 1

It's finally here. The 200th Episode of Agreeing to Disagree: The Chuck and Brad Podcast. Amazing.
Chuck and Brad are joined by frequent podcast pals Patrick Dennis and Eric Macksoud in a contest of thrilling and epic proportions. Chuck and Brad evaluate Patrick and Macksoud's interview questions, with the winner taking cold, hard, likely-counterfeit cash to use toward a creative project.
In the first half of this two-part celebration, Patrick and Macksoud ask some hard-hitting question, and Chuck and Brad judge them equally harshly! Get psyched for the only 200th episode celebration that lasts until the end of the 201st!

Web Couliers:
There are no Web Couliers this week.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Episode 199: The Story of Nick

Episode 199 finds the boys joined by character artist Nick Kole. Before they dive into the interview, there are some Senior Discount updates and some updates from Brad's improv scene. After that, they discuss the below Web Couliers, before advancing to movie news concerning a sequel to "Neighbors," as well as a Holiday Horror Anthology including a short film directed by Kevin Smith. Whoa mama!
The chief topic of conversation during this episode, though, is Nick Kole. We learn about Nick's background as an artist, what drew him to character design and storytelling, what Viennese Christmas celebrations are like...everything you'd expect to hear. Nick talks about his work with the companion book to Disney's Maleficent, as well as his work in dragon/wizard design for 38 Studios and EA Games/Dawngate Chronicles. It's very fun conversation as we seek to get into the brain of this fantastic artist.

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: The Netflix 'Daredevil' Trailer
VIDEO: Patton Oswalt discusses his new book

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Episode 198.5: Micro-Cast - Spider-Man Joins the Marvel Universe!

WOW! The first ever "micro-cast" of the Chuck and Brad Podcast! With a Senior Discount show canceled, the boys take advantage of the free night to record their thoughts on Spider-Man being enfolded into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The microcast starts with Chuck, Brad, and Macksoud calling Patrick to talk about the upcoming 200th episode of the podcast, and the contest between Patrick and Macksoud. After that, Macksoud teaches Brad about Tinder and Chuck reveals the message that "Macksoud" sent to a woman online - gross, Macksoud.
After that? All Spider-Man, all the time. Let's hear the news and the opinions!

Web Couliers:
PICTURE: Macksoud's Tinder Pick-Up Line

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Episode 198: Ghostbusters, Project Almanac and Wrestlemania Predictions

We are joined in episode 198 by Senior Discount bassist Abe Correia and Podcast Pal/Other Band Guy Brian Decoteaux. The episode kicks off with Brian relating a terrible tragedy he experienced in the morning; good laughs are had by all (except Brian). Brad and Chuck promote their upcoming shows, including Senior Discount playing Tuesday, February 10, at DV8 in Providence.
After a quick chat about the below Web Couliers, C tells A, B, and B about some movie news, including information about release windows for the next Paranormal Activity movie and a new chapter in the Ring series. The four bozos talk about the casting of the new Ghostbusters movie and share their opinions, educated and otherwise. They talk about how the entire Wet Hot American Summer cast is coming back for the Netflix series, regardless of its beautiful unlikelihood.
Chuck then chimes in - he won this year's "Royal Rumble" bet, and the winner gets to "change VBW history" - how will he do it? The answer may surprise you! Brad and Chuck discuss the recent film Project Almanac, then Brad talks about the Less Than Jake/Reel Big Fish show he recently attended. They chat about Sunset Overdrive, Chuck talks about the new Saints Row game as well as Dying Light, then shift into mainstream pop culture mode and discuss the ending of the Super Bowl.
Once that is complete, the four stallions set their sights on Wrestlemania and discuss possible matches and storylines we'll see in the months ahead.
- Brad

Web Couliers:
COMEDY: New Louis CK special
MUSIC: Streaming Fat Mike's "Home Street Home" soundtrack

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Episode 197: Preorder Bonuses, Royal Rumble, and Our Blizzard Conundrum

In a slightly-earlier-than-planned episode, the guys stay toasty warm during a Nor'easter by talking with the sizzling Gina Mastrostefano! Chuck kicks things off with some movie news - Ryan Reynolds talks about Deadpool, Adam Sandler's Netflix film, and the upcoming Dodge and Twist. The three amigos (amigas?) talk about the weird news coming from the Blink-182 camp: did Tom DeLonge leave the band? Is Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio joining?? No one may ever know!
Chuck talks about preorder bonuses for different video games and the guys discuss the pricing model of video games versus other forms of media. This year's Royal Rumble is discussed at length, leading to a dilemma featuring our intrepid heroes...should they go to the re-scheduled Monday Night Raw (on Thursday) or to the previously-scheduled Reel Big Fish/Less Than Jake show?!?!?
Once that issue is (for the moment) solved, Brad talks about the guilt he feels from almost every situation in his life. A quick chat about their abominable blizzard prep, and there you have it...episode 197!

Web Couliers:
There are no Web Couliers this week

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Episode 196: Wrestling Rumbles, Microsoft HoloLens, and Our Understanding of the Geneva Conventions

Episode 196 starts out with some shenanigans, as Brad marvels as to how he can think trivial issues at work amuse him now when they would have annoyed him to no end a few short months ago. From there, it's SkyPunch! and Senior Discount updates, as the guys advertise some upcoming shows. After discussion of the below Web Couliers, there's a tiny dose of movie news about "American Sniper," which of course leads to Chuck and Brad discussing the rules of modern warfare. Listening to Brad try an explain the Geneva Conventions (which he barely understands) is high comedy.
More movie news, as the guys talk about the World War Z sequel, the good-natured Superbowl bet between Chris Evans and Chris Pratt, and the reveal of the new snack "Sweet-O's." Chuck laments not being able to have them, as he is once again on a diet. Chuck tells the story of his gift to our friend Ashley and how much she enjoyed it.

The guys talk about their trip to see a local wrestling show - in this case, the XWA Xtreme Rumble. From there, it's a discussion of the Microsoft HoloLens (video below), before finishing this week's episode with a look toward this Sunday's WWE Royal Rumble.

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: Microsoft HoloLens
ARTICLE/VIDEO: Preview of Will Forte in Last Man on Earth
ARTICLE: "Krampus" movie preview

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Episode 195: Chammies and Brammies 2014, Part 2: Books, Music, and Personal

It's that time again part two! Brad and Chuck review their favorite media from the previous year on the cleverly-named Brammies and Chammies! In part two of this two-part sojourn, the boys talk about their favorite books read in 2014, their favorite music from the previous year, and a cornucopia of favorites from the rest of their lives. It's the 2014 Brammies and Chammies, son!
- Brad

Web Couliers:
There are no Web Couliers this week

Monday, January 12, 2015

Episode 194: Brammies and Chammies 2014, Part 1: Games, Movies, and TV

It's that time again! Brad and Chuck review their favorite media from the previous year on the cleverly-named Brammies and Chammies! In part one of this two-part sojourn, the boys talk about their favorite games from 2014, their favorite movies (and actors) and their favorites from the world of television. Exciting!

Web Couliers:
There are no Web Couliers this week